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Faced with PSMS, Persib is committed to defeating a tight PSM


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Trainer Persib Bandung Roberto Carlos Mario Gomez is committed to victory in the face of PSMS Medan's 30th weekend game. 2018 League which took place at I Wayan Dipta Stadium in Gianyar, Bali, on Friday (9/11).

Persib is entertained by PSMS Bali, as it still maintains a PSSI discipline comic strip that bans the Blue Prince team from going home in Bandung.

Playing the game against the Kinantan Chicken Team, Persib will not be strengthened by Febri Hariyadi, who defended the Indonesian team in the AFF Cup, and Oh Inkyun, who in the previous game received a red card.

In addition, Jonathan Bauman and Dedi Kusnandar will not be there as they are still being treated for injuries.

Without the four players, Gomez is still aiming for a win to stay competitive with PSM Makassar, who currently runs Level 1 leagues.

Bojan Malisic will use Persibus on the back line and to use the set pieces for the situation.Bojan Malisic will use Persibus on the back line and to use the set pieces for the situation. (MORE PHOTOS / Raisana Al Farisi)

"We know that this is important to us in the games (Persib), and we also know that the PSMS needs to leave the release zone in this game, but our goal is three points and we have to win in this game to keep the champion in power," said Gomez. , On Thursday (8/11).

"We have five more races before the race ends and tomorrow's game is even more important. Our goal is to win the other five races and now focus on the PSMS contact. We will try to get 15 points so we can win, but we do not think of other teams. . "

On Thursday (8/11) in the morning, Persib is officially trained at the I Wayan Dipta Stadium.

Currently Persiba ranks second with 49 points, four points behind PSM. The victory closes the distance between Harryon and his friends with the Juku Eja team.

In addition to keeping distance from PSM Persiba needed a victory to stay away from Persia, who was ranked third.

PSM and Persia Jakarta will be held on Saturdays (10/11) on week 30. PSM will meet at Bung Tomo Stadium, where Persebaya Surabaya will take place, while Persia will take PS TIRA. (hyg / nva)

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