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Eve, here are 4 reasons for your weight gain when you have menstruation


PortalMadura.Com – In menstruation or menstruation, some women feel that they are gaining weight. It is indicated in the stomach, which is more fat than usual. Obviously, it's not just a feeling.

"Usually, the weight will increase by 0.5 to 1.3 kilograms," said gynecologist Cleveland Clinic, MD, Monica Svets.

For this reason, there are some common causes of weight gain during menstruation, which you need to know for you to anticipate obesity. Something?

Changes in the hormone promote the body's accumulation in water

On your way to your menstruation, your body may feel fuzzy and full. It's not just a feeling. In fact, the body will maintain water during menstruation, which will then make you a little more complete and increase your body weight.

"Changes in the hormones caused by the adrenal glands, called aldosterone, cause water retention (excessive accumulation of fluid in the body)," Dr. Svet

However, you do not have to worry. According to a gynecologist at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Angela Chaudhari, MD, the water shock in your tissues will be washed automatically after a decrease in hormone levels.

You are experiencing food cravings

Often feel like eating chocolate, cheese and ice cream during menstruation. This is very normal. The desire to eat fast foods that disrupt the diet will indeed be greater when it comes to the month.

But researchers still do not know why women experience food in the elections before the menstruation.

"The exact cause of tears is not yet known, but as far as we know it's likely to be affected by a high level of progesterone during menstruation, women should be more motivated to eat high-fat foods, salt and sugar before the menstruation," said Dr. Chaudhari

But, you should not easily cause hormones. Maintaining a healthy diet during menstruation. Because, after Dr. Chaudhari, eating too much sweets, will reduce your energy. If you want to satisfy your tongue, it is better to choose dark chocolate or peanut butter, which has a low sugar and salt content compared to other high sugar snacks.

You can not play sports

To be honest, the desire to lift yourself out of bed and exercise is difficult during menstruation. This is an explanation. According to Dr. Chaudhari, at the beginning of your menstruation, your hormonal levels will decrease immediately. Then women have lower energy.

When combined with eating foods high in fat and sugar, this naturally affects the waist circumference. But you should still postpone the time to move. Several studies have shown that exercises can reduce PMS symptoms and abdominal pain.

Moreover, if you feel that your body weight is heavy during both menstruation and other times, the only way to improve it is to move.

The intestinal tract does not work properly

"Your hormones (especially progesterone) are meteorosis and gas," said Dr. Chaudhari Menstruation can also cause changes in the gut movements that make you feel uncomfortable.

The best way to prevent constipation and other stomach problems was continued by Dr. Chaudhari, is to increase water intake, move more actively and consume a lot of fiber. (
After the evening, here are 4 reasons for your weight gain when you first appeared in menstruation
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