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Erix Soekamti Jerinx SID billing value for Via Vallen is normal

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The words Jerinx SID and Via Vallen are being debated in a polemic song "Sunset in Anarchy Land." Jerinky chased Via Vallen because he did not ask for permission to sing a song. This problem also attracted the attention of colleague musicians, one of whom was Erix Soekamt.

The band's vocalist, Endank Soekamt, said drummer Superman was dead to Via Vallen was normal. According to him, it was a songwriter whose work was delivered without notice.

"It's worth it because it's the rights of musicians who have songs, that's just the opposite. I think it's possible because it's the creator's right and whoever does it is I was thrown away first, "said Erix Soekamt, speaking in Jakarta on Tuesday.

In particular, according to Eric, when Via Vallen performed the song "Sunset in Anarchy," the organizers were paid a professional fee.

"Because there is an economic right to be share also. If musicians do not worry about it, there's no problem, "he continued.

Erix also learned of the negligence of the parties event organizer as the organizer of the event, who invited Via Vallen to sing, because he did not record the songs that could be sung earlier.

Because each song that is the work of other musicians has its own copyright and can not be slandered for commercial purposes.

"From the cases of Via Vallen, the EO had to record what songs the artist sang, and then it was taken to the LMK (Collegiate Administration Institute) to distribute it to the creator," he concluded.

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