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Editorial: Madara's Real Thinking With Santiago Solari

Solari is expected to release Madride from Zidane and Ronaldo's shadow as a regular trainer.

Real Madrid finally made a brave decision, putting Santiago Solari as the head coach. Former Madrid midfielder was officially linked to a three year contract in early 2000.

The four consecutive victories he received as an intermediate coach were enough to convince Florentino Perez and the club's leaders that Solari was the successor to Julien Loptegui, not Antonio Konte, who was widely accused of being on the hot seat of Santiago Bernabeu.

The appointment of Solar will inevitably come back to us in January 2015, when Madrid was relieved of Rafa Benitez and nominated a legendary figure, but lacked training experience, Zinedine Zidane.

The likeness of Solari and Zidane is not only limited to the fact that both are former players who crossed the highest team before Madonna Castile. In addition, they both have charisma rarely encountered by coaches.

On several occasions Solari shows a little more that he has such aura and respect as Zidane. His speech style is simple and straight, slightly different from Zidane. Talking with marginalized players like Keylor Navas and Isco, he hailed him openly without hesitation.

Unlike Lopetegui, Solari also smiled a lot at press conferences and when his team practiced and competed. He seemed very convinced of himself. As a figure who won the 2002 Champions League with Zidane, he easily gained respect from the players.

Santiago Solari Real Madrid 2018-19

Captain Sergio Ramos said a few days ago: "You, of course, already know what kind of winning coaches are in this club. The management of the dressing room is more important than tactical knowledge."

Unfortunately, what Ramos described above does not belong to Benitez and Lopez, two coaches who have a brilliant football mind. Benitez only had half the season in Madrid, but Lopetegui even had only 14 games.

Solar itself is not fully tested. Listening to his name, we can instantly find out he does not deserve to prepare a team like Madrid. However, throw away such thoughts. This Argentinean man quietly spoke a series of small revolutions.

Vinicius Junior, whom Lopetegi never used, began to stick to the surface. Karim Benzema has again become productive with four gates he has gained since Solari arrived. Back line Los Blancos slowly back like three set up clean sheet four games. Solari also dared to get rid of, while ISCO, Lopetegui is the favorite player.

Karim Benzema Victoria Plzena Real Madrid Champions League 07112018

It's true that in these four games Solari faced only modest opponents. But this good start is at least a good sign that the Madrid players' morale has recovered. And when this belief and conviction arises, something can happen. Who would have thought Madrid could have dominated Europe in the last three seasons?

"Nothing is impossible in football, especially if you're in Real Madrid," said Luca Modric after being named the 2018 winner.

One thing that could block Solari is that Madrid has not straightened out the hole left by Cristiano Ronaldo. Zidane managed to be in Ronald's pocket so he could create an era that was short but remember forever.

However, with the creation of a relatively stable team during the last seasons, Ronaldo's loss should be overcome while maintaining the team's collective strength. This is Solari's main task.

The first test is over. The crisis is over at the beginning of the season. Solari must now be prepared to run Madrid using more difficult and challenging tests.

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