Tuesday , February 7 2023

Eco-friendly electric cut | Jakarta newspaper


The Honda premium scooter is equipped not only with a fuel variant and a hybrid engine but also with an electric variant. PT Astra Honda Motor IMOS 2018 was presented by PCX Electric. Electric PCX is equipped with the Honda Mobile Power Pack, which was presented as a study to find out the market response to this motorcycle.

Thomas Wijaya, marketing director of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM), explained that PCX Electric is now a concept, as Honda is currently in the final stages of developing this motorcycle. "PCX Electric is still a concept. We are currently preparing a product," said Thomas at the IMOS event in Jakarta. Thomas hopes that consumers who are enthusiastic about PCX Electric will wait patiently until the end process is complete.

Especially as an electric motor must comply with government regulations, so PT AHM must wait until this motorcycle is developed. Government regulations that need to be familiar with electric motors include electric charging infrastructure, safety standards for electric motors, since this motorcycle almost does not create noise that is not recognizable by other drivers or pedestrians.

Other rules that must be known relate to the cost of raw materials and the recycling of waste that needs to be recycled. Damaged and unused batteries need to think about recycling so as not to pollute the environment. PCX Electric was the first to attend the 2017 Tokyo Car Expo.

With PCX Electric electric motors and accumulators, they have a length of 1923 mm, a width of 745 mm and a height of 1,107 mm.

This motorcycle battery is under the driver's seat, which is usually used for helmets or refueling. The electric motor is capable of emitting a power of 0.98 kW. With the lithium-ion batteries manufactured by Honda, PCX Electric has a high enough output for electric scooters.

The battery benefits can be removed and installed, for example, removable or called a mobile battery pack, making it easier. Wall / E-6

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