Thursday , May 26 2022

Bawaslu: Jokov-Amina Mass media ads are damaging the rules


Jakarta – Election Observation Organization (Bawaslu) believes that campaign announcements in the Serial Number Candidate Series 01 Joko Widodo and KH Ma'Arur Amin have violated election rules as stipulated in the 2017 Law No. 7 on Elections and KPU Regulations.

"Our legal opinion, Joko-Amin Couple Advertising Daily Media indonesia Wednesday's edition of October 17, 2018 is an unplanned campaign, "said Bawasl, member of the Ratna Dewi Pettalolo Bawaslu Media Room, Jalan MH Thamrin Number 14, Sarinah, Jakarta, on Wednesday (11/7).

Ratna said that the Electoral Law and the KPU Regulation No. 7, 2017, as amended by the 2018 PCA 32, refers to the 2019 simultaneous electoral timetable and programs, clearly indicated that the campaign's media and electronics ads were made only 21 days before the silent day. According to PKPU and election laws, he said campaigning could only take place on March 24, 2019 until April 13, 2019.

"Advertising campaigns in the media, the electronic media and the Internet, as well as public gatherings, are obviously made only 21 days before the peaceful period. During the campaign, potential offenses of the campaign are included during the period," he said.

As you know, Bawaslu received two reports of possible campaign breaches outside of the media time of the Yokov-Amina Media Indonesia Daily. Both reports are registered with the numbers: 04 / LP / PP / RI / 00.00 / X / 2018 and
07 / LP / PP / RI / 00.00 / X / 2018.


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