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Ask about payments. So Suzanna, Luna Maya: This is my second biggest award: Okezone Celebrity

Jakarta – Luna Maya was considered to be quite complete in the game Suzanna in Suzanna: breathing a kapa. Luna is supposed to be fantastic about this set.

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Expensive charges for his role as the legendary figure of Suzanna, revealed by Luna Maya at the Hotman Paris show, which is circulated on iNews on 08/08/2018. Melanie Ricardo, as a cohost, said that with Luna's maximum effort, there should be expensive fees received by Ariel's "NOAH" ex-lover.

"Offering money is one of the criteria. Because playing this movie, a person really needs to fight as close as possible." That is definitely good, "said Melanie.

"Do not say that the exact information is in order, is it the most expensive payment, right?" Said Hotman.

Carefully Luna agreed. He said that the film's pay became one of the biggest royalties while he was playing this movie.

"Honestly, this is the second biggest award-winning film, previously in my latest film (" Doll 2 in 2017 ")," said Luna.

Melanie continued that there is a risk that Luna will later become responsible for big salaries. In addition, Suzanne's number is legendary with all the mysterious stories in his life. One is the rice eating jasmine flowers, which is usually done.

Luna as Suzanna

In response to the risk of this risk, Luna did not worry. It's just that he claimed to be a little nervous about his role, whether it could be the maximum or even dissatisfied Suzanna's fans.

"Do not be afraid of mystical things, but I'm more excited about the fact that I can not play a mother character, for fearing someone will be disappointed by an iconic figure who does not know Suzann's horror films," said Luna.


"Although we understand that we will not be the same, because I and Sussmann's mother are different people, what do you want to compare with what is good and you can not do it. But what we are doing now is to revive the film he has had previously done it, "explains Luna.

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Luna also hopes that if her actions can later be cured, long fans will be the legendary figure of the horror queen.


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