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Andik Vermansah joined the Indonesian national team in the AFF Cup


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Senior Winger Andik Vermansah he claimed to have joined the team Indonesian national team that AFF Cup 2018, It is not clear for the moment that the player was pulled out in the presence of the Kedah FA player.

Earlier, Andy was on the list of security players because the 23 players who had been released by PSSI had not been Andik's name before.

Milky Way coach of the Indonesian national team chose several young players, such as Febri Hariyadi, Irfan Jaya or Saddil Ramdani. Another leading player playing as a winger called by the Indonesian national team, Riko Simanjuntak.

Although he was called the Indonesian national team in the last minute, Andi was grateful. As for AFF 2018, the former Persebaya Surabaya player does not question him.

"I will work hard for the Indonesian national team, although it will not play later, or just set a minute, I'm always ready," Andik said.

"I sent him to the coach, saying there is no more selection, I'm just the one I'm going to play," Andik added.

Andik Vermansah completes the coach's strategic potential in the wing sector.Andik Vermansah completes the coach's strategic potential in the wing sector. (CNN Indonesia / Sapphire Makki)

The player once dressed in Selangor said he still respected the Indonesian national team in the AFF Cup team. He also hopes that the other players have the same ideas.

"We prove this to the Indonesian people, this year we have to win," Andik added.

Until now, the Indonesian national team did not decide who would be out of the list. time trying to confirm the appearance of Andik's name in the top class, the PSSI just said there are currently 24 players in the Red and White Teams.

The name Saddil Ramdani is a name strongly suspected of being expelled from the Indonesian national team. As a Perselian Lamongan player stalked an ASR woman in a persecution case. The former Indonesian Under 19 national team was not present at the national team training day on Friday (2/11) in the morning. Another thing, Andik and Saddil, get the same situation. (map / ptr)

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