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A man called Ahok earns 1 million viewers, Edward Akbar Pajang Photo at Mona


JAKARTA, – movie A man is called Ahoku The director of Putrama Tuta, who has played since 10 days, has seen more than 1 million people.

Actor Edward Akbars, actor Ahok's best friend Musyono, thanked and thanked his Instagram account, @edward_akbar, on Saturday (17/11/2018).

In this post, Edward uploaded his own photo of Daniel Manant, who wore the white gubernatorial apparel on the grounds of the Monument of the State.

"Thanksgiving and Happiness … A week from the movie A man is called Ahoku reaches one million viewers. Bismillah has received positive messages and values ​​from child labor for the nation, "wrote Edward in a news story.

Mail the movie player responds A man is called Ahoku others like Daniel Mananta (actor Ahok) and Denny Sumargo (Kim Nam).

"Waaah! I also put our photo in", Daniel commented on Edward's post.

"You are one of my favorite actors in this film, your performance is really amazing, I said seriously, congratulations that your movie can get into the box office," Denny Sumargo wrote in the comment column.

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Earlier on Saturday (11/17/2018), Daniel Mananta also thanked for reaching the film. Posters at @vjdaniel appeared on their Instagram account, confirming that the movie was viewed by 1,009,303 people.

He thanked God and thanked the Indonesian audience.

"I hope you will inspire more people after watching this movie, love Indonesia more than Pak Ahok, "Wrote Daniel.

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