Tuesday , February 7 2023

20 Sarolangun Jambi residents in a hospital …


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SORALANGUN – The introduction of rainy season is not only a landslide and flood to look, but a feverish fever (DHG). Due to weather changes, for example, now the mosquitoes are multiplying rapidly.

Maung, a resident of Tanjung Rambai, Gunung Kembang, said that the people around her house had to be hospitalized because they had a dengue. "My home is home to one resident who is being treated, it's affected by tropical fever," Mawin said.

In order not to have an infection, Mawin asked the Sarolangoun County Government, in particular the Health Office, to be asleep.

"We hope the Regency government will do Fogging," Mawin said.

On the other hand, of the data collected at the Khatib Quzwein Sarolangun Hospital, 20 people who were treated were registered as victims of DHF.

"From September to the present, there are 20 people who are being treated," the hospital director Dr. Irvans Mizwar said using the Bambang Hermanto Public Service Manager.

Separately, the head of the Sarolangun health service, Adnan, said when he contacted, he immediately left his team to fumigate.


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