Tuesday , March 21 2023

When Janhvi Kapoor asked Arjuna: "Are you the only one?" And His expression said it all


New Delhi:

Arjun Kapoor always quits his sisters for social media, but the next episode Koffee Ar Karan will give way to some kind revenge for Janhvi. It all started when Koffee host Karan Johar asked if Janhvi's acquaintance Ishaan Khatter or not. The next episode teaser reveals that Karan Johar used his favorite name (mortgage) and said Janhvi: "The theory is that you are dating to Ishaan Khatter," which she quickly denied: "I do not have". But when Arjun asked if there was any truth about the rumors about Ishan and Janhwi, he said: "He is always around him!" Loud protest came from Janhvi, who said: "Which team are you?" Janhvi makes a debut with Ishaan Khatter Dadak.

Then the tables then turned on Arjun Kapoor when Karan Johar asked him: "What about you, are you the only one?" Janhvi also asked his big brother: "Even we have never had this conversation. Are you the only one?" After being asked, Arjun Kapoor was able to remain silent, but his expression clearly took it away. Arjun Kapoor is busy studying the actress-model Malaika Arora.

Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor are often highlighted together at parties. The latest social media photos can be viewed with Karen Kapoor. They also took part in Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla Diwali. In 2016 Malaika and Arjun began to play gossip in the sections after she was separated from the Arbaaz khane. Gandaramie pairs have carefully avoided photography since then, but in August of this year they learned about their favorite designer from the front line of Lakme Fashion. Weekly Malaika and Arjun also reported falling into kits Indian talent recently

At the same time Koffee Teaser also revealed even more interesting moments in the next episode. For example, between Deepik Padukon and Katrina Kaif Janhvi would like to share a room with Deepik. "We'll listen to South Indian music together," she said. Arjun also called Janhvi: "Poo-bani-Parvati" when she said: "I do not know what attraction means."

Here's more about what you can expect in the next episode Koffee Ar Karan.

The upcoming episode from Koffee Ar Karan will feature Janhvi Kapoor's debut album Koffee sofa

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