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Virat Kohli: Trolling is not me guys, everyone is about freedom of choice


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Updated: November 8, 2008, at. 8:51:19

Virat Kohl's comments received a wide response from fans and critics. (File photo)

Virat Kohli said he was "all about freedom of choice," as the Captain of India responded for the first time after receiving a broad response to his video asking the critic to "live elsewhere", preferring "Indo-English and Australian batsmen". "It seems to me that trolling is not my guys, I stick to trolled! I'm talking about how the comments were referred to" these Indians, "and that's it. It's all about freedom of choice. Keep the lights for the guys and enjoy the holiday season. Love and peace to all, "said Challie on Thursday.

Koli arrived on Wednesday in the social media to promote a video recorded in his newly launched app, Virat Kohley's official application. In the video, Kohli, who reacted to negative tweets, quoted a cricket fan, who said: "I do not see personally in the batman, and I do not see anything special in his batting. I like to watch English and Australian batsmen more than these Indians."

Then he said: "Well, I do not think you should live in India, then … you should go and live somewhere else, no, why do you live in our country and love in other countries? I do not mind that you do not like me, but I do not think that you should live in our country and just like other things. Set your priorities. "

His comments received widespread responses from fans and critics, as many pointed to various foreign brands confirmed by Kohli, and at many times he was admiring non-Indian athletes.

"Plainly known as the best batsman in the world, Kohli is the only Forbes magazine for India in the 2018 list, with 100 of the world's greatest athletes. He has moved from the country's highly successful ODI series to Vest India, where he won 453 Race in five races, including three centuries. He also became the fastest to 10,000 ODI series.

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