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The wrong lung condition requires Hastings to retire


Hastings suffers from an uncommon lung condition that causes coughing up blood after bowling.

Hastings suffers from an uncommon lung condition that causes coughing up blood after bowling. © Getty

Australian pacer John Hastings has announced his retirement from all types of cricket due to the odd lung condition. The 33-year-old, who left the test day in October last year, continued to play the T20, and even Melbourne stars recognized last year's Big Bash League.

He continued to play, despite the fact that the secret was revealed last summer. And it grew again when playing his club on the Frankston Peninsula as a preparation for the upcoming BBL season. Last month, he had announced that he would have an indefinite break from cricket.

"I've gone through a wide-ranging test process," Hastings said in The Age. "I think it's important to note that I actually have good health. I have gone through stress tests and bronchoscopes, angiogram bronchoscopes and all of this kind of materials. It's been quite invasive and long, I think.

"It is [only] when I bow. Pressure at the wrinkle, small blood vessels in my lungs burst. It determines that I regularly flush blood when I try the bowl. This is really a scary thing.

"I teach now, do F45, raise weight or boxing, this does not happen. It's really just the actual bowling alert pressure. Only a lot of gray areas associated with long-term health, regardless of whether it caused any damage, and if there was Somebody has potential for lethal bleeding on the field, they really could not really say yes or no. And I was not happy with it.

"It was quite a difficult little time in the last five or six months, but now I understood it, and I'm pretty happy with where it all comes. I liked Big Bash's title. It's incredible because I think that it's a striking competition. And we had all the possibilities with stars all year round. [But] it was not. "

Hastings, representing Australia in all three formats – playing 1 tests, 29 ODI and 9 T20I – has frozen 50 international goals except that they are the second highest goal in 2016. Despite the "tough start" in his comments, he publicly criticized the selection of his close friend, Steve O & # 39; Keefe, as a result of which they got tiff, he would try to continue to search for more media opportunities.

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