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The makers of Vijay Starrer's "Red" agree to exclude J Jayalalithaa's reference


Vijay starrer Sarkar sources said they have made a compromise (File Photo)


The vijay starrer "Sarkar" creators have agreed to remove "incredible" scenes and to "rule out" a clear reference to the end of J Jayalalithaa, industry spokesmen said on Thursday, as the film was faced with a response from the government AIADMK on the display of its welfare schemes and its leader.

AIADMK began to fight Sarkar with the oldest AIADMK ministers, asking to exclude controversial scenes, and threatened to initiate proceedings if the film team did not complete.

Although the theater owners' organization announced that the edited version will be screened from Friday afternoon, Sarkar sources said they were compromised.

M Subramaniam, president of the West Zone Association of Theater Owners, said they talked with Sun Pictures and the Tamil Nadu distributor, saying, "We can not shoot incredible scenes."

"They said that they will sit at the editing table and edit it tonight. After the letter from the censor board (approval), we will start to scan the edited version tomorrow from the matry show (at 21.30)," he told the PTI.

In addition, the woman's character, obviously referring to the former chief minister J Jayalalithaa, would be "turned out", he added.

The Tamil Nadu Multifunction Theater Association Association described this movement as "welcome."

"The film is good running. Some people are opposed and they have begun to focus on theaters. On this background, Sun Pictures came up with a compromise wording, which is a good step," Abirami Ramanathan, president of the TN Multiplex Theater Association, said.

Movie makers were not immediately official, but sources in the Sarkar chapter said that a compromise was reached with reference to Subramani's announcement.

"Sarkar", produced by Sun Pictures, starring Vijay and Keerthi Suresh, was released on November 6th.

It is directed by AR Murugados and he has music from Oscar winner AR Rahman.

Earlier, Fisheries Minister D Jayakumar wanted to find out why some of the findings believed to be Jayalalithaa have found their way to the script.

Justice Minister C Ve Shanmugham said that some of the scenes were incitement to violence and warned of action.

"The events associated with the burning of items paid for in government welfare schemes are the pursuit of violence. Whether it is the producer (Sun Pictures) or the actor (Vijay), or theaters, they will have to deal with action," he told reporters.

DMK leader Pazha Karuppiah, who played the role of the antagonist in the film, wanted to know how the movie scenes could be deleted after the Censor's board had translated it.

The reports indicate that certain scenes show that grinder, mixers and fans are burnt, and this is seen as an obvious reference to late Jayalalithaa's leading schemes for the free delivery of these goods under the election promise of 2011.

AIADMK workers protested outside Madurai Theater, demanding the removal of certain scenes. The show was canceled. Workers claimed they would not allow filming, until "desperate" scenes and dialogues were removed, the police point out.

In some movie theaters in Coimbatore and Chennai, the films and the Vijay film banners were damaged and possibly burned by AIADMK's supporters. Some members of AIADMK spoke at sitambul in Coimbatore theater trying to ban the film.

For a person whose name refers to Jayalalithaa, Mr Jayakumar said that it was an attempt to "drive" the late leader of the party and to prosecute the crew.

Referring to the founder of the Matinee idol film and the AIADMK, the former Chief Minister M.G. Ramachandranu, J.Jayakumar said that the late movie director is never so content.

In the obvious reference to the MGR ups from the movie star to the prime minister, he said: "Not everyone can become MGR."

Minister of Information Kadambur C Raju said: "This is not good for a growing player like Vijay."

He had said that the government would recommend movie makers to remove the scenes and that further action will be decided under the last movement.

Meanwhile, AWDMK leader TTV Dinicaran was at the Sarkar team saying that there was a commercial intention for disputes.

However, he denied that the woman's name had a reference to the Jayalalithaa.

"Komalawalli (the writer's name) is not Amma's name. In 2002-2003, when Congressman referred to him with that name, Amma himself said that this is not her name and that she has not even played the role of such films," he said.

He added that the film was produced with "commercial intent, and they have to do something" to be successful.

"You know what the manufacturers are," he said, apparently referring to Sun Pictures, owned by the DMAN extended first-generation Maran brothers. The human-politician Karuppiah, a former legislature of AIADMK who switched to DMK, seemed to have not seen any reason for claiming a controversial scene, arguing that it was released only after the Censor's board had transposed it.

Recalling the BJP's opposition to Vijay's 2017 Mersal film, he said that the party has made this movie a great success and that AIADMK is now going to do the same for the Sarkar.

The former filmmaker claimed that the film was his story, after which director AR Murugados made a compromise with the plaintiff.

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