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The flawed political thriller Vijay saves


Sarkar is the weakest of the three Murugados films that characterize Vijay and is polite.

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[Credit: Tigmanshu Dhulia Films]

Sarkar is the third South India political film a year after Mahesh Baba Bharat Ane Nenu and Vijay Deverakonda Nota. The overall factor among all these films is the idea of ​​a newborn politician who blooms from the masses and to take the system forward.

Excitedly, as it sounds, and much of how these films have tried to fairly implement the idea in a commercial format, for many audiences, Shankar Mudhalvans (1999) is still a genuinely blue political film, thanks to its accumulated cult status for years.

AR Murugadosss Sarkar, his third trip to Vijay by Thuppakki (2012) and Kaththi (2014), is based on the precondition of the importance of voting, and even one vote can be changed.

When Sundar Ramaswamy (Vijay), a brutal corporate monster, arrives in Chennai to cast his vote on election day, he understands that his vote has already been surrendered fraudulently. He decides to scatter this thing only to cheer up the political hornet nest. Events that follow the nature of Red Light.

The Reds, which focus on corruption in politics and voter cynicism, ask all the relevant questions, but none of them is new. However, it may take into account the fact that the 49th-P section is being promoted (the voter may request a vote again if someone has cast his ballot fraudulently) in the Indian Election Law.

Murugados, rather than writing a strong political foundation and offering insight into true politics, is largely based on recent events that challenged Tamil Nadu's political system. The Jalalat or Bullfight Festival is one example that has recently been used quite often when Tamil film makers have to talk about politics. Farmer suicides, fishermen's assassinations in Sri Lanka waters and apathy of society are also emotionally mentioned. These scenes can not create an emotional connection. Worse, they get an apartment because Vijay has a bit exaggerated performance.

If we compare Sarkar with Murugados' previous works with Vijay, this is undoubtedly his weakest film, and it is staked courteously. Both Thuppakki and Kaththi, despite the fact that they were commercial pods, were bound screenshots that were raised in the presence of Vijay's screen. But, as Vijay tries to control the show on Red Square, it then becomes unbearable, especially in the second half, when he receives public support and the song "Oru Virusu Puratchi" plays in the background.

By the way, our film makers must seriously take some classes to understand the concept of viral marketing in social media. As social media is used as a medium for communication, it's a joke.

Sarkar is Vijay's performance all the way, despite the presence of Radha Ravi and Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar, who, in many pledges, are fulfilling their duties, but are not able to make many choices. Another weak link in the film is AR Rahman's music. The songs are simply unsatisfactory. The "Top Tucker" number is used, God knows how many times the background result is in the most important scenes. Music for such a large scale is so complicated.

Murugados goes on badly with Sarkar, which would have fallen flat on the face if it was visible to any other actor. Vijay saves the film from drainage with his more serious efforts in a less memorable role.

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