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The First Lady of Korea, wearing the Sarah Diwali, delights Ayoddo's people; PM is happy


The charming elegant saree, South Korean first lady Kim Jung-sook, dipped in the Diwali Festival in Ayiaj, is a great pleasure for the inhabitants of this pilgrimage city.

From the moment she arrived in Ayiaj on Tuesday, to the site, especially to the youth, she came and cheered on the various events she attended, as well as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Jogi Aditianaths.

She flew in Luknava with a special shredder and at around noon. At 14.30, she was at the Ram Kath Park venue, and the group tapped and sang "Jai Shri Ram".

She began her Ayodhya trip with her participation in the remembrance of Queen Heo.

Under the auspices of Adityanath, she was involved in the restoration and redevelopment of the legendary Princess of Ayod, who went to Korea and attended the king at the age of 48.

From there, she went to visit the Rama Katha Park where she was welcomed by artists embodying Lord Ram and the goddess Sita's avatar who came to the park as a holiday hijacker like Ram Durbar.

Kim learned about Sita when they got out of the helicopter and Governor Ram Naik and Adityanath congratulated Lord Ram and Laxman.

At the site where the huge section of the traditional Indian style of architecture was erected, she came to wear an elegant green saree and saluted the people with gods and crowd with folded hands, sending people to the heart of the hills.

In her address to the park, she remembered the historical links between India and Korea and said that she had asked both countries for prosperity, while moving towards the future of peace and prosperity.

In her speech, she also mentioned Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranathi Tagore and said: "There is an Indian story about the fact that fellowship with happiness complements it. I am very pleased to celebrate Diwali with Ayodhya with you all."

Later in the evening she was put on a glittering three red lights on the Saryu river ghats, as well as an impressive sound and light show.

"Darkness can not win the light, and if we all get together, we can remove any darkness," she said at the Korean event Ram Katha Park. She also performed the ceremony "Aarti".

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday expressed satisfaction that she wore saree and also tweeted images of her event.

"It is a huge pleasure and pride that the first lady of the Republic of Korea, Kim Jung-sook, visited Ayodhya and also wore traditional Indian clothing." The Indian people deeply appreciate this gesture, "he tweetted.

Kim thanked Modi for her invitation to India in her talk in the park.

"Ajogi and South Korea have an ancient link. This link forms the cornerstone of historical and civilized ties between India and the Republic of Korea," the fashion is also tweete.

Local resident Deepak Pandey, who participated in the Deepotsav event, said: "I felt very glad she celebrated her culture and heritage, whether it was saree or" aarti "on ghats. It was also nice to see the Koreans come in such a large Diwali . "

Kim's Independent Visit to India, which began on November 4th, has sparked interest in the legendary princess who married the king of Korea.

According to the Korean legend, Ayodaya's princess went to Korea in AD 48 AD and married King Kim Suro.

A large number of Koreans trace their origins to this legendary princess, known as Queen Heo Hwang-ok.

Wednesday On Wednesday, Agra travels to Taj Mahal at the last stop on Kim's trip before she flies back to Seoul.

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