Sunday , February 28 2021

The court invites cricket Mohammed Shami to check the big deal

Kolkata, Nov. 15 – On Wednesday, the court appealed to Indian pacer Mohammed Shami to come to his retreats on 15 January, and if he fails, he may be issued an arrest warrant.

Shami's wife, Hasin Jahan, who is struggling with a cricket judge under the Law on Negotiation Instruments (NI), filed a case under the Dispute Settlement Act (NI) after he allegedly suspended her monthly expense check.

"Sami was asked to appear at a court hearing in Kolkata Alipore, the main magistrates' court in Kolkata on Wednesday. The appearance may be in person or with the petitioner, so he chose to come to the plaintiff (lawyer)," Sham's defender Sk Salim Rahaman told IANS.

"However, the court has issued an order that prompts him to appear before the court at the next hearing on January 15. The court also said that he could be issued an arrest warrant if he did not appear on that date. We could challenge the courts to review it," he said.

This year, cricketer and his wife raised a marriage quarrel when she accused her of a non-family situation and domestic violence.

So far, Shami has denied all charges and accused his wife of trying to squeeze money out of him.

According to Rahaman, Shami was summoned in another case about the maintenance of his wife's claim, as the couple stayed alone after the dispute.

"Jahan had previously claimed maintenance in connection with the act of violence, but refused to deny the court. Now she has filed another petition for maintenance on the basis of CrPC 125 (an order for the maintenance of his wife, children and parents if they are unable to maintain themselves)," said advisor

"However, we have not received a copy of the lawsuit filed up to now. It was put to us today," he added.

The case will be heard on December 14th.


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