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Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel's superhero galaxy, dies

Marvel superheroes like Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and The Incredible Hulk lost their los angels on Monday, a creative dynamo that radically changed the comic book and helped make billions to Hollywood, introducing the human weaknesses. He was 95.

Lee was declared dead at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, according to Lee's daughter, J.C. Lee's lawyer, Kirk Schenck.

As the greatest writer of Marvel Comics, and later as its publisher, Lee was widely regarded as a contemporary comic book architect. He revived the industry in the 1960s, offering younger readers the desired costumes and activities, while insisting on sophisticated plots, peer-to-peer dialogue, satyrs, science fiction and even philosophy.

Millions responded to the unlikely combination of realistic fantasy, and many of his characters, including Spider-Man, Hulk and X-Men, became focal points. He won the National Medal in 2008.

Recent Lee projects helped move on to such TV series "Agents: Infinity War", "Black Panther" and "Galactic Guardians" as "SHIELD Agents" and "Daredevil". Lee was recognizable to his fans, who had a cameo in many Marvel films and TV projects, often supplying his trademarked motto "Excelsior!"

Captain America actor Chris Evans mourned for a loss on Twitter: "There will never be Stan Lee." For decades, he gave both young people and old adventures, escapes, comfort, trust, inspiration, strength, friendship and joy. He exudes love and kindness and leave an indelible mark on it, so many lives. Excelsior !! "

Lee believed that the comic book environment was an art form and he was productive: in some accounts he got a new comic book for 10 years each year. "I wrote so much that I do not even know. I wrote it either hundreds or thousands," he told the Associated Press in 2006.

He hit his step in 1960, when he made Fantastic Four, Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man and many others in life. "It was like there was something in the air. I could not do anything wrong," he said.

At the same time, his characters were far from virtuous pious, such as the opponent DC Comic "Superman".

The Fantastic Four fought each other. Spider-Man was included in the superhero work of his alter ego, Peter Parker, who suffered from unresolved crunching, money problems and dandruff. A silver surfer, a foreigner who was wounded to roam the Earth's atmosphere, waved about the sad nature of man. The crowd was marked as suicidal. Daredevil was blind, and the Smoothie had a weak heart.

"The beauty of Stan Lee's characters is that they were the first characters and the next superheroes," Jeff Kline, 1998, told the television series "Men in Black," Jeff Kline in Toledo, Ohio.

Some of the Lee formations became symbols of social change – the Spider-Man internal shocks that appeared in the 1960s in America, while The Black Panther and The Savage She-Hulk reflected minority and female injuries.

"I think about them about fairy tales for adults," he told the AP in 2006. "We all grew up with giants and ogres and witches. Well, you get a little parent and you're too old to read tales. But I do not think that you ever grow your love for things that are bigger than life, and magic and very imaginative themes. "

Lee's scenarios for most of Marvel's superhero comics themselves at 60, including Minders and X-Men, two of the longest. In 1972, he became editor and editor of Marvel; Four years later, 72 million copies of Spider-Man were sold.

"He has become our Mickey Mouse," he once said about a disguised, web crawling crossman.

Lee also published several books, including "Superhero Women" 1977 and "How to Draw Comics to Marvel Way" next year when he was named the annual publisher of the American Periodical Book Association.

CBS turned Hulk on a successful television series, with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno from a researched scientist depicted from 1978 to 828. The Spider-Man series worked temporarily in 1978. Both characters were also featured in animated TV series.

The first big budget film based on Lee's characters, X-Men, was serious in 2000, earning over $ 130 million in North American theaters. Spider-Man made even better results by purchasing more than $ 400 million in 2002. After that, Marvel movie empire appeared – one of the most profitable megafranchises in cinema history with the recent "Avengers: Infinity War" of over $ 2 billion worldwide. Over the past 10 years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has grossed more than $ 17.6 billion worldwide.

Black Panther actor Winston Duke picked up Twitter to pay homage to Lee: "You gave us characters that continue to withstand time and develop with our consciousness. You taught us that there is no limit to our future unless we have access to our imagination. to power! "

Stanley Martin Lieber was born in New York in December 1922. He grew up the Hardy Boys adventure book and the Errol Flynn movie fan, and graduated from Timely Comics after graduating from high school.

Within a few months, the editor and artistic director abandoned Lee's 17-year-olds with creative control over a company that grew and was renamed Atlas Comics and, finally, Marvel. Lieber changed his name, thinking that Lei would be used for "silly little comics", and his real name will be reserved for the novels.

His early work largely reflects the popular films – Western, crime drama, romance, which at the time was anger. He works for about 50 cents per page.

After the war in Armenia during World War II, he wrote films, he returned to Marvel to start the production of comic strips and, of course, boring assembly lines.

The comic book of the 1950s was about a Senate hearing launched by the Comic Code Authority, which began to slander the gore and characters that questioned authority. The main comic books companies adopted the code as a way of self-regulation to avoid penalties.

Lee said that he also worked on a publisher who considered the comic as a fee for children only.

"One day I said," It's crazy, "Lee told the Guardian in 1979." I just do the same stories like everyone else. I did not speak about my work and wanted to leave. But my wife said, "Look, why do not you make the kind of comic that you want for change?"

The result was the first edition of The Fantastic Four in 1960 with Lee's characters, storyline and text, and illustrations of the famous Marvel artist, Jack Kirby.

Persons were normal people who were transformed into unwanted superheroes without blaming them for their own.

When writing "Marvel Comics at the Beginning", Lee described the quartet in the following way: "The characters would be characters that I could personally associate: they would be in the flesh and blood, they would have their own flaws and tricks, they would be wrong and fragile, and most important of them – his colorful, costume booties would still have clay feet. "

The Amazing Spider-Man was followed in 1962 and long ago, Marvel Comics was a behemoth of the industry.

Lee knew that his job was different, with proud note that a number of issues were distributed stories about not getting money, but better developing characters, situations and themes. He also did not worry about his breeders. One of them, Molemann, went badly when he was set up against his appearance on account of his arrival, wrote Lee, adding that he was "not nearly mentioned in the comic book" to explain why he was the character of what he was.

Lee's direct influence disappeared in the 1970s, when he gave up some of his editorial responsibilities to Marvel. But with his "white mustache" and toned sunglasses, he was the most recognizable figure in the industry. He has extensive lectures on folk culture.

In 1981, Lee moved to Los Angeles to run an animation studio, later bought with Marvel Comics, for $ 50 million with New World Entertainment.

When comic sales fell, Marvel was forced into bankruptcy procedures, which meant that he had to terminate a lifetime contract that would prevent Lee from working for someone else. Lee later sued Marvel for $ 10 million, saying that the company figured out millions of film profits based on his characters.

In 2000, Lee agreed to write stories about DC Comics by inventing Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and other Marvel single signature characters. DC vice president and publisher Paul Levitz were only grateful when an agreement was reached.

"With his artistic collaborator Marvel Stan, together, he created the richest imagined universe who ever created a single comic writer," he said.

Dapper, a friendly comic genius, continued to work in his 90s on many projects, including comics, movies and DVDs.

At the end of the nineties, he tried to take advantage of the Internet turmoil by offering an animated comic effect in Webisodes. Stan Lee Media also sought to attract young people who are Web-savvy, with offers from pop painters Backstreet Boys and Mary J. Blige.

The company went bankrupt, and three men were accused of allegedly cheating on a business check scam. Lee was not involved.

After the initial failure, Lee created a successful Pow! The entertainment company will launch animated web projects.

Lee's wife and partner almost everywhere, Joan Lee, died on July 6, 2017, leaving a void that made her husband a mental and physical collapse that was vulnerable to hangers who began to bypass her. Litigation, court trials and mischievous seniors all emerged in the fight for what was said about the elderly Lee.

Lee survived his daughter Joanie and her youngest brother, who also worked on comics, Larry Lieber.


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