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RR vs SRH Live Score, IPL 2019: Quick Gate Turning Sunrisers Hyderabad Fee Cricket News

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17: SRH 131/5
Wonderful pair from Jaydev Unadkat – Dodger and five singles.

Rate 16.2: OUT! Unadkat strike to release Hood. SRH 127/5
Caught & Bowled! Jaydev Unadkat moved to his optimization in time to send Deepak Hood back to the pavilion at the golden duck.

Above 16: SRH 126/4
Successfully overcome Varun Aaron – cable car and five rides.

Rate 15.5: OUT! Aaron scalps Shankar. SRH 125/4
Jaydev Unadkat received a good role in giving Varun Aaron his first race victim. Vijay Shankar got 8 off 10 balls for a short stay.

15: OUT! Gopal again strikes, head Pandey. SRH 121/3
Massive Wicket. Sanju Samson's brilliant glovework lay off in the form of Manish Pandey, who stumped out of Shreyas Gopal's delivery. The third judge made the decision for the home side because Pandey's back leg was lifted from the ground when Samson separated his fear.
Pandey left after 61 off 36 balls, which included nine times. Time for the second strategic time limit. Gopal figures:

14: SRH 113/2
Anoters cleaned up from Riyan Parag, agreed only six singles.

13: SRH 107/2
Wonderful over Oshane Thomas – wicked and four singles.

Monitor 12.1: OUT! Thomas gets rid of Warner. SRH 103/2

STUNNING! Steve Smith dismantled the stunner to end David Warner's knockout. Oshane Thomas got the big swan like
Warner went to 37 in 32 balls. It was atypical of Warner's birth and had no boundaries.

Above 12: SRH 103/1
10 RUN!
Manish Pandey (50 *) beat four Stuart Binny when he runs SRH.

Fifty for Manish Pandey off 27 balls, his 14th IPL. SRH 102/1 11.5 in gear

100 comes up with Sunrisers Hyderabad 11.3 move

Above 11: SRH 93/1
Okay over Jaydev Unadkat, just gave seven go into it without the limit of consent.

Above 10: SRH 86/1
Due to Shreyas Gopal, it only agreed on seven trips and imposed Manish Pandey's (42 *) border rating tension.

Above 9: SRH 79/1
12 RUN!
Great for visitors.
Manish Pandey (39 * off 19 balls) surpassed another back, this time at Riyan Parag.

Above 8: SRH 67/1
10 RUN!
Great for visitors. Manish Pandey (28 *) continued his border hitting shape, smashed two off Shreyas Gopal more.

Rate 7.4: FOURS! Manish Pandey (27 *) played back from Shreyas Gopal.
SRH 66/1

Above 7: SRH 57/1. Time for the first strategic break

Tidy started out with the new Riyan Parag, giving up six singles in it.

Above 6: SRH 51/1
10 RUN!
End of Powerplay. Manish Pandey (16 *) retained his limit rating fun out of his third place at Oshane Thomas.

50 comes with Sunrisers Hyderabad 5.5 shifts

Above 5: SRH 41/1
Manish Pandey (10 *) hit four Jaydev Unadkat as Sunrisers scored nine points.

Above 4: SRH 32/1
Wonderful start from Shreyas Gopal – cable car and five out of it, including the last four bombs Manish Pandey.


Shree Gopal (R) celebrates after Kane Williamson's dismissal. (AFP Photo)

Go 3.5: OUT! Gopal cleans Williamson on 13th SRH 28/1
Big Wicket. Shreyas Gopal arrived at the attack and made the first breakthrough on the home side. The spinner cleanly cleans Hyderabad's captain Kane Williamson. Williamson struck for two to four years while he was awake.

Above 3: SRH 27/0
Kane Williamson (13 *) came to four at Varun Aaron, the more troublesome the area gave the visitors two simple rides.

Above 2: SRH 19/0
10 RUN!
Oshane Thomas beat more than sloppy boulders from Royals players in more than 10 trips, including two feet.

Outperform 1.2: Fourth! And now Varuna Aaron, the third person's mistake, gives Kane Williamson (5 *) the limit.
SRH 16/0

Exceeds 1.1: Another overthrow converts one or three rides.
SRH 12/0

Above 1: SRH 9/0

A good start from Varun Aaron, but some sloppy fields have made Hyderabad nine trips.

More than 0.1: FIVE! David Warner receives five trips from a protective shot as he crosses the line.
SRH 5/0

Here we go … Kane Williamson and David Warner to open Sunrisers Hyderabad innings. Varun Aaron with the ball Rajasthan Royals.

Kane Williamson: "Yes, first appearance (top). We had something like that. Obviously there is a dew factor. The T20 surface is not too much. Game, both teams want to get involved and both teams are looking for these two points. David Warner is still here, which is nice.
I myself, Siddharth and Saha, come to Pathan, Bairstow and others [Sandeep Sharma]. There are some changes, six, hard to remember. There have been some good team performances, bowling is our strength, but as you know, the T20 cricket is something happening. It is important for us to have a collective unit. "

Steven Smith: "We are preparing for a bowl. It looks like a wagon we played against Delhi. The fraction may be slower. Only these two changes.
These two are (Stokes and Archer),
Livingstone is coming and so is Ashton Turner. Hopefully we will be able to show our home fans. They have to be valid and thank you very much. Hopefully we will be able to end our home trip. "

TOSS | Rajasthan Royals Captain Steve Smith Will Win Toss, Decide to Defend Sunrisers Hyderabad

Playing XIs

Rajasthan Royals: Ajinkja, Rahane, Sanju, Samson, (w), Steven, Smith, (c), Riyan, Parag, Ashton, Turner, Liam, Livingstone, Stuart, Binny, Shreyas, Gopal, Jaydev, Unadkat, Varun, Aaron, Oshane, Thomas

Sunrisers Hyderabad: David Warner, Kane Williamson (c), Manish Pandey, Vijay Shankar, Shakib Al Hasan, Wriddhiman Saw (w), Deepak Hooda, Rashid Khan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Siddarth Kaul, K Khaleel Ahmed

Here's how teams are built right now:


Tom Moody Coach Sunrisers Hyderabad: "I'm not saying they are [Rajasthan Royals] is a weakened party, because if I lose players, it also offers opportunities for those who are hungry. You can't underestimate your opponent. Fringe players just need a happy break to shine. "

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IPL-27 April2

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