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Rafale case: The Center submits a certificate to the Supreme Court, provides information on prices in sealed cover


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NDA Government file Rafale jet price information in Supreme Court sealed image Representation image & nbsp

New Delhi: On Monday, the NDA government issued a testimony to the Supreme Court on the Rafale case, in which it provided a brief summary of the procurement procedure for a French combat aircraft. In particular, in addition to the explanation for nine pages, the government has also submitted to the Competition Council the details of the crucial price in a sealed section requested by the Supreme Court of Justice.

The Narendra Modi government has confirmed the verdict that "all necessary steps were taken in Rafale's deal" and that all "defense procurement processes were respected" to obtain 36 Rafale aircraft. The Times told Times Now that the Times Now newspaper had access to the procurement procedures set out in the Defense Procurement Procedure in 2013 for 36 Rafale Aircraft Purchases. "The Center also noted that the approval of the Defense Acquisition Council was adopted.

The next hearing will be held on Wednesday.

Earlier, opposition parties, including the Congress, had turned to PM Narendra Modi and Nirmala Sitharaman, defense minister for their refusal to share bidding data on a deal with the Parliament. The opposition repeatedly asked the Mods to the Cabinet of Ministers to disclose the prices of 36 Rafale aircraft reviewed by the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). Rafale deal: PM Modi, having "sleepless nights"; Dassault repaid the Ambani company's rebate, says Rahul Gandhi

On Friday, Rahul Gandhi, President of Congress, has accepted government supremacy on this issue, arguing that many people knew about details of Rafale's transaction prices, but the Center considered it a "state secret". Gandhi said: "PM knows Anil Ambani knows Hollande & Macron knows that every journalist now knows that she knows the Ministry of Defense babus, all of Dassault knows that all Dassault rivals know, but the #RAFALE price is a State secret that can not be detected even by the Supreme Court . "

The congress claimed that the Narendra Modi government had purchased an airplane at a price three times the price agreed upon by the previous UPA government. French President Hollande, whose successor was Emmanuel Macron, negotiated Dafa Aviation Rafale aircraft during the bet.

Gandhi has also been charged with PM Modi in favor of Anil Ambani Reliance Defense, a Dassault Aviation Compensating Partner at Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), a state-owned company. On October 31, the Supreme Court asked the center to submit price information for 36 Rafale type aircrafts in a sealed cabin within ten days.

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