Thursday , February 25 2021

PUBG finally plays the PS4 with an exclusive Sony skins

Hey kids, stop playing Fortnite for one second and talk about this other great battle royale game PlayerUnknown & # 39; s BattleGrounds. It seems that there has been a century since PUBG gained so many people who were first linked to the idea of ​​killing 99 other players for the intended island. But that's only about two years. As long as PUBG has since been obscured by unparalleled success Fortnite, with any other metric the game is still a huge success in itself.

There are many reasons Fortnite blown like it was PUBG was not Fortnite is an actual art style. Its game is not so janky. And most importantly, it's free. But Fortnite was also very aggressive about how to deal with every computer that is conceivable from a computer to a mobile to the Nintendo switch. And now the presence of PUBG is about to grow when the battle royale game finally comes to PlayStation 4.

December 7, PlayStation 4 owners can buy PUBG in a variety of ways, ranging from $ 30 for a basic game to a $ 60 championship edition, which complements Vikenty event passes and a bunch of many game currency. PUBG is available on the Xbox One for about a year, but Sony's fans will have the patience that will be rewarded with exclusive Naughty Dog forward orders such as Nathan Drake from Not tagged and Ellie's backpack from The last of us.

Even if it's a bit shaded Fortnite, PUBG still a massive game. Battle Royales, which consistently needs 100 players for new games, greatly benefits from large audiences, which will surely help add 80 million potential new PS4 players. And with Sony, finally, is ready to immerse your fingers in a quiet game with other platforms, everything PUBG The Community should benefit from these new future corpses.

To learn more about PlayerUnknown and his famous Battlegrounds, check out these PUBG tips for new entrants. And if you think PUBG just not so great, no matter what console it is, I agree with you.

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