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Mumbai: Censorship board orders reduce his film, Pahlaj Nihalani moves the High Court


By: Express News Service | Mumbai |

Updated: November 6, 2008, at. 1:14:21

Mumbai: Censorship board orders reduce his film, Pahlaj Nihalani moves the High Court He argued that CBFC has proposed "unwanted cuts" in his film Rangeel Raja. (File)

The chairman of the Central Film Certification Council (CBFC), Pahlaj Nihalani, was transferred to the Bombay Supreme Court on Monday after CBFC ordered several records of the film "Rangeela Raja", which was decided to be released on November 16. The court is likely to hear the case on Tuesday.

Nihlani, who has submitted the film, has requested in his petition, with the assistance of lawyer Ashok Sarah, to reject the CBFC Order of 2 November 2016 and grant the necessary Universal (U) or Universal with Adult (UA) certificate for the film.

Nihalani argued that, in view of the dominant system, after a movie scan, if some part is considered unacceptable, the manufacturer has every opportunity to express his case and to justify the stage and / or dialogue.


Nihlani said that in his case, he did not have such opportunities. He argued that the CBFC has proposed "unwanted cuts" in the film.

In the petition, he added that "prima facie, in the case of clippings and dialogues, does not in itself reveal the vulgarity of any kind".

Nichalani, however, said that just because he was a former chairman of the Central Board and "very firm" during his term, now he is offended.

Pahalani said that the dialogues that were requested to be removed were "Talwar Myan Se Bahar Nikal Aayi toh" and "You Made a Swadisht Khana Muz Chila Chuki Hai".

The petition states that, although all the films shown in cinema halls must be covered by censorship plates, no censorship is required for movie crawling in other media such as YouTube.

"… The Indian show Netflix, which has become very popular, however, all the films and programs appearing at this exhibition are just an adult program, and it can be said that the same is the essence of blue movies," added it.

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