Monday , June 5 2023

MARKET LIVE: Indexes with range commitments, expressed over 10,600; Airtel slides down 3%


Comparative figures have reduced their initial losses and are now traded in a narrow range with some negative bias.

In the specific campaign, Bharti Airtel traded 3 percent lower, after Moody's Investors Service downgraded its price to lower prices due to its low profitability and low cash flow expectations. "The downside review is based on our expectations that Bharti's cash flow will be weak and will increase," said Moody's VP and Senior Analyst Annalis DiChiara.

Almost 75 companies, including Titan Company, Indian Energy Market, Hindustan Aeronautics, Bank of India and Indian Cement, announced their quarterly earnings in September later in the day.

Fed rate stays unchanged

The US Federal Reserve steadily maintained interest rates during the quarter, but continued to gradually reduce borrowing costs, as it pointed to a healthy economy, which was observed only by reducing the growth in business investment.


Rupiah opened the firm at $ 72.70, compared with the previous price of $ 73.

World markets

On Friday, after the Federal Reserve kept untapped plans to continue raising interest rates gradually, Wall Street faced Asian stocks on Thursday, expecting a fourth increase next month.

MSCI's most comprehensive Asia-Pacific stock index outside Japan has eased 0.06 percent. The index was still targeting a significant increase of more than 6 percent this week, during which it rose to one month high.

Australian stocks were flats, South Korean KOSPI rose 0.2 percent, while Japan's Nikkei dropped 0.2 percent.

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