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Hattangs stand out with a "structured inquiry method"

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Many in the Indian Control Collection Council and quite a few outside the organization have been very skeptical about independent panel discrimination allegations of sexual harassment against CEO Rahul Johri.

After Monday's deposits in Mumbai, this may need to be reviewed.

It seems that the downside was to a large extent due to the fact that Vinod Rai, who heads the two-member Administrative Board appointed by the Supreme Court, only chose the Justice Commission (Retd) Rakesh Sharma.

When the panel was announced, P.C. Sharma and Barkha Singh were the other two actors. The first person had to give up a conflict of interest quickly. His place went to Wayne Gov.

Rai got the right to freely choose how colleague, administrator Diana Edulji, protested, took herself away from the process.

Anirudh Chaudhry, board chairman, did not receive calls, but The Telegraph spoke briefly with two major players – Shishir Hattangadi, the former Mumbai captain, and the Aditya Verma from the Bichar Cricket Association, who is still struggling for recognition.

Both Hattangadi and Verma welcomed the fairness of Sharma. Two ladies, Mrs Singh and Mrs Gowda.

"I came up with a technique adopted by the commission. I was asked only the relevant questions, to the point and without cutting corners …

"Through a clear and structured method, I leave the investigation room with pleasure. The panel knows what it does …

"I have to adhere to the record that the justice of Sharma was respectful, and women also heard everything I would like to say," Hattangadi told the reporter before he arrived on a flight to Ahmedabad.

Verma, for his part, said: "The main hopeful women who Johri has sexually harassed will be justice and the image of the council will not be damaged anymore …

"The panel heard me cardinally and the Chancellor of Justice, the chairman, came as an acute and intelligent person. Bade suljhe huye lage …

"My lawyer's friend (Sanjeev Kumar Mishra) was also entitled to speak, as he is a witness on Johri's side through a public relations council represented by the council, so that I do not speak about a statement about sexual harassment, which is a female employee of the board …

"Ab dekhiye kya hota hai."

Hattangadi and Verma mentioned confidentiality and refused to enter their specifics of deposits. However, her trustee had some things that revealed.

According to a trusted person, Verma suggested that "Johri and a female worker are put through a peace detector test" to determine what is right.

Obviously, Verma continued to emphasize that the government has engaged all over the country and its CEO can not continue to operate if there are allegations of sexual harassment.

Hattangadi, in his opinion, would have met with a lady ("precious" family friend) who sought his help in Johri's case of sexual harassment.

Aware of the severity, Hattangadi introduced a woman to Diana and the administrator submitted her complaint panel.

Lady, it's collected, it's already dumped – through Skype.

The Hattang's stand could be that he has no agenda and a "moral obligation" to help the "dear" family church.

Of course, you can not question it.

Until the evening, it was unclear whether a female worker who was short of leaving her life before confronting her resignation would be called to drop.

For a panel to increase its credibility, a lady employee should ask for a personal look.

One finds out that Rai and Diana have fallen out over the last 24 hours. However, it was not possible to find out whether they agreed either together or separately on the panel.

Rai and Diana have never been on the same page as Johri's case. Though the former was consistently (and inexplicably) attentive to the executive director, Diana wanted him to be rejected or forced to resign.

Judge Sharma, Singh and Gowda authorized Johri to "reciprocate" those who rejected the commission, can not be ruled out.

If this happens, another dispute will be developed.

Maybe Johri will be on Tuesday.

Diana Edulji
Diana Edulji Image of telegraf file

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