Sunday , March 26 2023

Exclusive! Mukesh Chhabra approves Fardeen Khan’s plan for Bollywood’s return: we explore the possibilities Hindi Movie News


Bollywood actor Fardin Khan went to Fida again when he reappeared in City B, rocking a slimmer and tighter physique.

The actor, who has kept a low profile, left the fans pleasantly surprised by his drastic transformation, which was nothing impressive. Swinging his trademark tinted tones and hairy hair, Farden smiled his best smile while posing at the shutters outside the office of the casting director and filmmaker Mukesh Habra.

His sighting in the Habra office sparked speculation about a possible return to Bollywood in almost a decade. ETimes contacted Mukesh Chhabra to find out what was being prepared.

Glad to confirm that Fardin is planning to return, he said: “We’re exploring the possibilities. He’s back! Looks good.”

On Saturday, Fardeen’s new and improved-looking photos became popular on social media, and fans praised him for his transformation. While some commented that “he looks much better even from younger times”, others said “nice to see him back”.



Khan who made headlines in 2016 when his weight gain photos became viral. Sta, who faced great trolling, revealed his experience of body shame, and in a statement, IANS said, “I’m uselessly messed up. I think we have to overcome these damn things. I really don’t care. For that. I’m who I am, and ability to see oneself in the mirror. ”

” He who deserves, he deserves and what is not is not. I just laughed at it all. I don’t read much about myself nowadays, ” he added

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