Saturday , March 6 2021

Congress, the second list of TDP releases; session sharing talks are still ongoing

HYDERABAD: The congressional and TDP-affiliated Allied High-Elections Alliance elections in Telangana on 7 August issued their second list of candidates on Wednesday, even if the merger was not yet associated with issues related to partner sharing.

In addition to both parties, the alliance is made up of Telangana Jana Samiti (TJS), who insists on a vote for 12 seats, compared to eight issued and CPI.

The second congressional list consisted of ten candidates. Consequently, the total number of candidates for the party has so far increased to 75.

TDP named two candidates in its second list, as well as nine announced earlier.

The total number of meeting places in the country is 119, and Congress has previously stated that the partners will have 25 seats – 14 TDPs, 8 TJSs and 3 PCIs.

However, TJS executives told reporters on Wednesday that the party would challenge 12 segments.

On Wednesday, the CPI announced candidates for three places that it could contest.

The "big alliance" parties are still engaged in negotiations to avoid participation in the venues.

The nomination process started on November 12, and the latest date is November 19th.

The second list of congressional members included Sravan Dasoyu, Chairapabad, and former member of the parliament, Ramesh Rathod (Khanapur-ST), his main spokesman.

The announcement of the first list in Congress raised the objections of some of the candidates to tickets that could not find the berth.

Former PCC President Ponnala Lakshmaja, whose name was not shown on both lists, is a camping site in New Delhi.

Former Congress of MLA from Serilingampall in Hyderabad Bikshapati Yadav disappointed on Tuesday because the constituency is divided into TDP as part of the alliance.

Another congressional prime minister claimed that some "selfish" party leaders hurt the party's interests.

Some others claimed that the candidates' announcement did not receive rebounds.

Both candidates announced by TDP in the third third list are Sama Ranga Reddy from Ibrahimpatnam and Ganesh Gupta (Rajendranagar).

PCI's three nominations are Secretary of State Chada Venkat Reddy (Husnabad), Gunda Mallesh (Bellampalli-SC) and Banothu Vijayabai (Wyra-ST).

With Chada Venkat Reddy challenging the election, Palla Venkat Reddy would be party secretary of state, said CPI release.

At the same time, bidders from large parties, including Congress and TRS, have become rebel in several constituencies in the country.

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