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Bigg Boss 12, The Weekend That Vaar, Day 63 LIVE Updates: Salman Removes Expulsion For Shivashish | tv


Before the fan was able to recover from the shocking embarrassment of Shivashish, the story continued on Sunday Bigg Boss episode 12, at the weekend in Ka Vaara. In this episode, there was a special guest Farah Khan, a former reality show host, who came with Salman Khan and the audio / visual enjoyment of the audience.

Farah's video showed how the relationship changed at home and which participants showed repeat features. For example, she told Salman that Sreesanth usually complains of her reluctance to go to jail, but eventually goes forever after eating some food.

Farah also visited the house, where she created some problems before home. He had to be in front of everyone with a ribbon ribbon, because others told him what he did not like. At the same time, Jaslin split off from the most jealous party, and Romil was told that she had to throw out a bait with water to stop her burning with jealousy.

Jaslena's close relationship with Srishty was further started in the Sultan Akhad circles with Salman, with two dressed sweatshirts and duking it out.

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10:10 pm ICT

The episode ends with a huge battle between Romil and Dipik

Dipika is angry about Romila's decision to mention the men in the game, which they played in the past. She screaming at her and getting emotional.

At noon 10:00 IST

Salman abolishes the eviction

Deepak, Sreesanth, Dipika, Jasleen, Srishty and Rom are nominees. Salman says that since Shivashish has already been set up, there will be no eviction this week.

21:55 IST

Jasleen and Srishty fight Sultani Akhada

Srishty loudly calls Jasleen loudly on the oral duel, and Jasleen responds by calling Srishty indecisive. Salman announces that Srishty is the winner of the first round.

Srishty and Jasleen then battle it out for a physical task in which they are going to fight the sumo fighting suit. Jasleen wins in this round, so playing Sultani Akhada.

09:50 IST

Salmans talks to the Finnish family

The mother of Finland says she is very happy about Som and about the opportunity to contact Salman. Salmans is asking the Finnish mother for her involvement with Deepak. The mother of Finland says they are children and it is part of the whole game. Salman salutes the Finns and Saba's mother to unanimously raise both girls.

09:40 IST

Salman plays with the participants of the race

Salman shows a son with an inscription on it – "itna hi___tha toh ___ ghar mein aaye kyun?" – but with a few words missing. Salman asks contestants to complete the work. Romil, Srishty and Somi give Sreesant the name, Karanvir gives his name. Megha marks four people, but Salman stops at her. She chooses Romil. Dipika also chose Romil, as she thinks that he does not meet the requirements of the exhibition. Sreesanth's Names Karanvir and Rohit Names Megha.

9:30 am IST

Farah collects competitors based on their sins

Rom is announced as a Las Vegas player. Sriesanth is considered the most angry, Jasleen is the most gluttonous and the worst and most jealous. At the same time Deepak is rated as a greedy.

09:25 IST

Romille and Srishty run a talk show

In the second assignment, Romil is asked to hold a talk show featuring guest Srishty, who pretends to be a "bahu" based on Dipika. The situation involves Srishty complaining of the house, but only domestic issues – such as the release of food and the disappearance of her husband.

Srishty's second character is based on Megha, which she plays as a loud fighter.

Next, Srishty pretends to Sreesanth, and threatens everyone that she will win them.

09:20 IST

Farah enters the house

Now that fun and games are over, Farah enters the house with some challenging players. He asks Deepak and Somi to play Dilwale in the song Gerua. But Farah is not surprised, so she asks Deepaki to execute Rohit, who is entertaining all the dwellings.

09:15 IST

Farah presents her top three contestants

When Salman asks Farah to name her three main actors, she places Sreesanth at the first place, followed by Deepak and then Dipika.

21:10 IST

Farah shows off Sreesant's video

The next step is Sreesant, for which she says, likes the appearance of great things before it is executed. She gives an example of how Sreesant always complains about not wanting to go to jail, but eventually continues after he has eaten.

21:00 IST

The debt comes to Farah Khan

Salmans Khans talks to director / choreographer Farahan. Farah had previously recorded Salman as the hostess when Salman was to fulfill his film commitment.

Farah says Bigg Boss is her favorite show, and continues to consult the contestants. She says that Dipika is acting as Meena Kumari at home, and is a remake. Farah thinks that Dipikai has a real sense of Srimand.

Farah next shows Salman a video about Megh which she thinks she wants to be at the center of action. Farah then shows Audience and Salman Deepak video and how he flares.

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