Wednesday , June 23 2021

AR Rahman's shares Video about "unknown" woman melodious singing folk song "O Cheliya"

AR Rahman shares Video for

A.R.Rahman's video about female singing (Photo credits: A. R. Rahman Twitter, Facebook)

The woman, who sang beautifully, has fallen victim to the music maestro. A R Rahman shared it with Facebook. The video shows a woman singing "folk"O Cheliya Naa Priya Sakhiya& # 39; Prabhu Deva & # 39; Premikuu. Familiar with women's singing skills, Rahman shared her video on Facebook with a signature: "Unknown, Anonymous, Beautiful Voice …"

As the video went even further, social media users were quite surprised and surprised. The video has received over 72400 views and over 63,000 reviews. Most people appreciated the skills of women and asked Rahman to introduce him to the music industry or maybe give her an opportunity to participate in one of his components. As the group's creative music group goes to the virus in a social media environment, the internet wants to know who it is!

The commentary reads, "Maestro, you need to give this wonderful woman an opportunity," while another writes: "A very melodious voice. She made it in balance and felt a comfortable voice so that God blessed it."

Here is the video:

According to reports, her name is Baby, and she leaves from Andhra Pradesh. Earlier, children's singing skills have become a virus in the social media. Her singing video is widely distributed on WhatsApp and other network sites. She has also appeared in Telugu news channels for singing skills. As reported, the Danish music world can soon be presented by Indian composer Sonia Koteswara Rao aka Koti. We want a talented woman best for her future.

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