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Air India is working on a strike at Mumbai Airport, delaying 30 flights. | Indian news


As reported, Air Indian contractors struggling on discount counterparts struck a strike over more than 30 carrier flights to and from Mumbai on Thursday, officials said.

Agreements with striking employees were signed with Air Transport Services Limited or AIATSL, a subsidiary of the airline. They canceled the strike on Thursday night

An Air India representative at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport was linked to a "sudden industrial situation". "We appreciate the situation and every effort is being made to reduce delays or interruptions," said the spokeswoman.

"Approximately eight arriving local flights and 16 international flight flights were affected on average by two hours until 8:00," said MIALA, a representative of MIALA International Airport (MIAL).

Bangkok-related flight was delayed for more than six hours and was left at noon. 8:18 pm 1:45 after a strike that started on Wednesday night. Another destination in Newark ended at 4:08, almost two and a half hours after the scheduled departure at. 1:30.

Airindia officials said they had called for additional help from their homes to help passengers register to avoid a delay in the procedure.

First published: 08.08.2018 10:20 IST

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