Saturday , June 10 2023

Absconding Mining Baron Reddy appears in front of the police for questioning ponies in the scam case


Within three days, when the former Karnataka minister and mining baron G Janardhana Reddy appeared here on Saturday at the police in connection with alleged ponge fraud, he arrested allegations as a "political conspiracy".

Eddie, who according to the police had escaped, arrived at the Central Branch Office with his lawyers, throwing a video message from an unknown location saying he would arrive before it. After arriving at the office, Reddy claimed that there was a "political conspiracy" and added that he believed in the police.

In his video report, he said he was not blocked and had a lot in the city, while claiming that he should not flee. "I have not done anything wrong. The police do not have a single document proving that I am wrong. They mislead the media," he said in his report on television channels on television.

Reddie, who was the former government of the former Bharatiya Janata party (BJP), formerly said that he had never been bereaved because the first information report (FIR) was not mentioned on his behalf, nor did he have a statement. "Now that the statement has been issued by the police, I decided to visit the Central Branch of the United States today, although the statement said that I should come on a Sunday," said Reddy.

"I decided to make this video so people could get the truth. I believe in the police and believe they will not be subjected to political pressure," he added.

Since Wednesday, the CCB police have begun hunting for cash transactions that are worth the rugae, possibly due to the pontiac scheme.

CCB also drew attention to Reddy's closest supporter Ali Khan, who probably struck a Rs 20-crore deal with Syed Ahmed Fareed from Ambidant Marketing Pvt Ltd. – The company accused of involvement in the pontiff scheme – was discharged from a warrant from the Execution Directorate's investigation.

Bengaluru Police Commissioner T Suneela Kumar said on Wednesday that Reddy was running away and the police were looking for him to ask him a question.

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