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What to consider when choosing a leasing company


More and more SMEs are using traditional leasing and long-term lease contracts because they are often cheaper, simpler and more efficient than investments. Of course, many people stop at a seemingly favorable price, although there are still some very important components to consider.

The growth of the leasing market in recent years is also significant in Europe and Hungary. Experts say this trend will continue in the coming years. Therefore, it is worth exploring how a leasing company's downturn and opportunities are choosing to avoid first-line supply and design failures.

A poorly thought-out solution can lead to slow confirmation, a lender's inability to make, hidden fees or worse rental conditions. Therefore, in order to secure the best lease agreement, it is worthwhile to get leasing companies. In terms of leasing, we are thinking primarily of operating leases (long-term leases), but comparative information is a significant indicator of the role of other structures, since the first step is to decide whether ordinary or operational leases are our preferred transaction.

Principles to be taken into consideration

The first aspect is certainly flexibility. Although large, typically leasing companies in the banking, finance and industry sectors are undoubtedly highly skilled and cheaper than those specializing in providing SMEs, at the same time, they do not like very specific ideas and requirements. This applies to larger cars with a custom configuration, but also for making smaller values ​​or an IT tool that only reflects the value of a particular user, so it will be more difficult later to lease the leasing company. It is therefore important to find special leasing companies specializing in either one active or specific investment in a particular client or segment category.

According to the managing director of Rentasystem Balázs Székely, the client must understand that although refinancing allows a larger rental company to operate at a rate of one to two percent lower, the whole process of a specialized SME can be much faster than a judgment until a transaction is executed. . These companies are able to handle a completely unique car or machine, and the price difference will be only a few tens of thousands of HUFs – a market professional will have a brush.

In the case of finance leases, the asset leased is included in the balance sheet; operating leases (long-term lease) allow off-balance-sheet financing. At this moment, the assets are not long-term liabilities, and this improves the debt service ratio. In addition, it does not have creditworthiness, and VAT refunds are also possible. Therefore, long-term leases are fast forward.

This is a question of what the buyer wants: it's a vehicle that is not available at home, and it requires one purchase or a massive demand and discount vehicle choice. In the first case, a flexible SME finance company is a good choice, the company has a broader scope than the latter, but you should also look at what the company service service offers and what additional features you will need later.

Company's future purchase plans can include only some tools (such as cars) or even more complex needs (auto, IT, machines). If only one product line is interesting, it simplifies the search, as many companies offer, for example, an express leasing service for the purchase of a car. Most companies usually finance one or two product lines. Therefore, if IT equipment, machines, equipment and cars are expected to be acquired in the future or even vigorously improved, it will narrow down the leasing companies that it can offer in the long-term lease, for companies, because they can have longer-term partnerships and better prices.

Also important is reputation, rating, customer feedback and company image quality, so you should find out what other customers have received.

An important measure of how the contact process is, how quickly the phone is taken, how quickly the leasing company responds to a letter or callback request, how fast it looks, is understandable and aesthetic. It is clear whether the organization is profitable and that there are many transactions or not.

And, finally, the price / value ratio is important. Is it worth a little more money for a professional and flexible service provider, is it worth a few thousand forints per month? Who should contact the rental in the next 3-4-5 years? Can a different product range contain a lease transfer? Will the company be there within 3 years? Is there a special need (for example, to get a completely unique car), which may be worth the extra.

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