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Tonight will reveal who will be dancing with the star finalists


The spectators witnessed touching moments during the semi-finals! Remind us of the events of the ninth broadcast with our summary article.

Santa has arrived at the studio Dancing with the Star! Check out the fantastic semi-final overture!

The previous “Dancing with the Star” show ended in a dramatic turn, explained András Stohl. Can we expect similar developments in the ninth broadcast? Although this year’s Christmas after the loss of her mother will be different for Gabriela Spanič, she will still try to make the holiday unforgettable, the world star explained. Santa has arrived at the studio Dancing with the Star! Check out the fantastic semi-final overture! Although Dejels Győrfi Dance with the Stars was initially known only to his famous father, he has since dazzled the audience with many dance productions. Dániel Győrfi’s production, which was full of creativity, really won the jury’s favor. How it appears in the dots is clear from the video!

The men of Dance with a Star magazine revealed what they are advising each other and what they think about audience votes. In a whimper, Tímea Gelencsér and Bertalan Hegyes fell into each other’s arms. The couple has been partying on the dance floor for eight weeks now and doesn’t want it all over.

The dance of the festive show was choreographed by Tímea Gelencsér and Bertalan Hegyes in the semifinals Dances with a Star. Former Star Dancers have discovered how adrenaline works in them and how it feels when they step on stage. Timi Gelencsér and Bertalan Hegyes brought good animal products to the Dance with the Stars stage. The pair’s promotions and harmony all impressed the jury. Since the show began, David Tóth and Laura Lissák have made tremendous progress. This is no wonder, because David is working hard to get the most out of himself. In the first round of the semi-finals, David Tóth and his dance partner Laura Laura entered the parquet floor in Vienna Dancing with the Star. According to the jury, David Tóth, who and his partner performs more and more complex movements on the stage, is becoming more and more convincing on the dance floor. He presented his knowledge of cha cha cha with one of the most famous Christmas hits in the company of her dance partner György Köcse Anna Pásztor. Watch the production yourself! Pásztor Anna and her dance partner are very sure that they will make it to the finals. And their success is also strongly supported by the singer’s little son.

The jury did not move forward, he explained that without Anna Pastor and Gyuri they could not have imagined the final. Krisztián Kadlecsek told the judges about the Dancing With The Stars jury diving.

Gabriela Spaniča recited a Hungarian song with the help of her chamber dance partner. If you have a question about how the world star is pronounced, click on the video! Gabriela Spaniča and Andrejs Mangra climbed to the floor in the second round of the semi-finals with cha cha cha. Choreographer Szabolcs Valcs revealed how the couples are being treated under pressure as they approach the final. As cold as in Vajdahunyad Castle, Gabriel Spanic’s production was so hot. According to Andre Stehl, this dance was one of their best productions! Dániel Győrfi also made a jump rope for his products. It’s no wonder, because their goal is to get to the finals! At the final goal, Jiva this time impressed the audience and the jury with Dániel Győrfi and Stana Alexandra.

After raising his partner, Daniel fell to the dance floor, but according to the jury, a couple of mistakes were corrected well. Do viewers forgive the couple’s mistake too?

Gabriel Spaniča betrayed that they were very close to each other with Andrejs Mangras, whom he would most like to take home at the end of his race. Timi Gelencsér and his dance partner promise great promises for their second production of Dance with the Stars in the ninth show! Tímea Gelencsér and her dance partner Bertalan Hegyes entered the parquet with a fantastic quickstep production Dancing with the Star in the semifinals! The production of Timi Gelencsér and his dance partner completely removed the jury from their feet, their production was simply described as perfect. In front of the rural world, Stana Alexander showed her plans with Daniel Győrfi.

Shepherd Anna gave in to how happy she is now to be able to dance on the dance floor and how happy the family is with her. Anna Pásztor and György Köcse continued to dance with Foxtrot for the final in the ninth live dance. Nora Ördög described Anna Pásztor as a dancing chameleon because her production on the jury was a huge success.

To his surprise, his dance partner was kind to David, and he admitted that at first he would not have thought he liked his chain partner so much. David Tóth and Laura Lisaka entered the semi-finals on the parquet with a Christmas-style paso doble production. Watch the production yourself! A small discussion about David’s production stood out among the Dancing with the Star jury. Andi Molnārs saw mistakes in the production, Norijs positive. Krisztián Kadlecsek asked Ramónai Lékai-Kiss about her favorite couple, who gave a surprising answer to the questions. Pastor Anna sent a live broadcast to the audience, encouraged by something surprising. Berci Hegyes did not tell Timm Gelencsér the whole truth, and the quiet detail explains why the preparation was so difficult.

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