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The recall of Jews does not mean that it begins – Rossi –

The United Nations League against Estonia hosted a press conference at the Hungarian football team on Monday. From the columnist at the Marco Rossi captain, Ádám Nagy was at the disposal of journalists.

In the next two games, Marco Rossi wins six points (Photo: Török Attila)

the first Marco Rossi got the name well. Two-game ban against the Estonians (Italian coach will lead the team during the meeting), the specialist confirmed that Sallai Roland and Fiola Attila could not stand for the national team, and Tamas Kádár and Ugri Roland had not arrived at Telki.

"I hope that my absence will not matter that I'm not in the way. I believe in my assistants and staff members, this can not be a big problem. I'm sure the match is a good result, and I hope that at the previous meeting, we will not make similar mistakes. To reject I am very sorry that I created an uncertainty for the Alliance. I want to make it clear that I am a generation other than my players; they are much more in the computer and Internet world. Me about me I have one face, I will not act differently than on the pitch, just like in training sessions. I get all the help from the MLSZ, and if the results do not come, that's my responsibility. "

Rossi said it's important to say that, unlike a rumor, it's not an MLSZ, which does not set up who can call the frame, no one makes up the composition and decisions.

"I would not want to think about the fourth place. In the next two meetings, six points in each case are two victories. The goal is to regain the confidence of the fans. "

Rossi again spoke with Balázs Dzsudzsák.

"JUDAS is one of twenty four invited players, therefore it does not mean that I am obliged to send him as a beginner. We will consider the opportunities in the next few days. It can start in one game, not on the other, we will see it. "

The federal captain, however, added: if Judas had started, he would get the captain's bracelet from Ádám Szalai.

Rossi also mentioned some of the attitudes to the problems he mentioned before.

"I'm not talking to players about it I'm waiting until everyone arrives. In my opinion, the starting team is united, but I have not concluded a deal with the boys. I do not understand the lack of motivation, the struggle against motivation and concentration, albeit with the brush of the past. "

Asked at the National Sports, why Ádám Szalie should return to the captain's bracelets in Judea, and therefore Szalai would do it, Rossi replied: "As I said, it is not clear that Judaism will begin. My decision does not mean anything, since Szalai has shown me in my eyes that he is a real leader and it is good that more of these footballers are in the box."

"No fourth place can come He noted Ádám Nagy expectations. – We need to be positive, we need to get six points, and it is important to find love between players and spectators who have melt somewhat since the European Championships. "

"So far, I think three of them have got the goal to win. At the last meeting, we got every goal for deconcentration. I believe that if we are in the same square, we help each other, these are the results that we can avoid in the future."

Ádám Nagy told me about Bologna, because he thinks he has not been penalized at the moment because he has made a mistake (he is winning the Turin Champion, after which his team won – the editor), but Filippo Inzaghi played less for him last week.

Drawings: Dénes Dibusz (Ferencváros) Péter Gulácsi (RB Lepizig – Germany) Adorable Devil (Mol See FC)
Guards: Botond Baráth (Budapest Honvéd) Tamás Kádár (Dynamo Kiev – Ukraine) Korhut Mihály (Hapoel Beer Sheva – Israel) Ádám Lang (CFR Cluj – Romania) Gergő Lovrencsics (Ferencváros) Willi Orbán (RB Leipzig – Germany) Vinicius (Mol See FC)
PRIVACY POLICY: Rich Dániel (Budapest Honvéd) David Holman (Slovan Bratislava – Slovakia) Zsolt Kalmár (FC DAC 1904 – Slovakia) László Kleinheisler (Astana – Kazakhstan) István Kovács (Mol See FC) Ádám Nagy (Bologna, Italy) Pátkai Máté (Mol See FC)
DONORS: Daniel Böde (Ferencváros) Balázs Dzsudzsák (al-Ittihad Language – United Arab Emirates), Holender Filip (Budapest Honvéd) Grand Dominic (Legia Warszawa – Poland) Ádám Szalai (Hoffenheim, Germany) Ugrs Roland (Atromitos – Greece) Varga Roland (Ferencváros)


September 8th Saturday
Finnország-HUNGARY 1-0
Estonia-Greece 0-1
Tuesday, September 11th
HUNGARY-Greek 2-1
Finland-Estonia 1-0
Friday, October 12th
Görögország-HUNGARY 1-0
Estonia-Finland 0-1
Monday, october 15
Észtország-HUNGARY 3-3
Finland-Greece 2-0
Thursday, November 15th
20.45: Greece-Finland
20.45: Budapest, Groupama Arena HUNGARY-Esztország
November 18th on Sunday
20.45: Budapest, Groupama Arena HUNGARY-Finnország
20.45: Greece-Estonia

1. Finland 4 4 5-0 +5 12
2. Greece 4 2 2 3-4 -1 6
3. HUNGARY 4 1 1 2 5-6 -1 4
4. Estonia 4 1 3 3-6 -3 1

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