Wednesday , September 22 2021

The New York Stock Exchange was closed

Concerns about the slowdown in world economic growth have aggravated the market climate and strongly shook investors' willingness to take risks, the MTI writes.

Key figures on the New York Stock Exchange were weakened on Friday, the MTI writes referring to Reuters.

The 30 leading industrial companies in the Dow Jones Index fell by 201.59 points, up 0.77 percent to 25,989.63 points.

The S & P 500 Index fell by 25.7 points, 0.92 percent, and completed the day at 2781.13.

The Nasdaq Composite Technology Equity Index was 123.98 points, down 1.65% and 7406.9.

Major losers in the trade of Friday included technology and industry, energy and the raw materials industry.

For the first time this Friday, the Brent price has been cut by $ 70 since April, and the WTI price below $ 60 is also eight months low. Oil prices have fallen by 20 percent over the four-year peak in October.

The tensions in trade between the US and China raise doubts about the world's oil demand, because of its expected economic downturn.


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