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The leader of Haas is not worried about Mazepin



Saturday, December 5, 2020, at 23:00


Nikita Mazepin was thrilled in Saturday’s F2 Championship Sahir, but from his future F1 team boss, Haun manager Ginter Steiner, we learned that he was still not worried about the often tough Russian.

After the fight, Mazepin was investigated in four cases, two of which were defended with defensive maneuvers, one by Yuky Tsunoda and the other by Felipe Drugovich. The rider who finished the race in 3rd place twice received a five-second penalty, retiring to 9th place, but also twice received two penalty points. This increased your penalty points to 11, which means that one point separates you from automatic one-time disqualification.

He hardly has to worry about that anymore, because next year he will continue his career in the F1 stable at F1. As Mazepin has been one of the most miserable young people in his career so far and has never walked away because of a bit of grief (for example, in 2016 he beat Fum Callum Ilott, with whom he is currently competing in F2), boss Günther Steiner Haas has since bombarded the press: are you ready to restrict russia? Nana that the trade press also flew to Saturday’s F2 events at the Hasa online press conference, which was also attended by

“Wow, now the best answer would be that I didn’t see the F2 race!” Steiner burst into great laughter when asked if he was watching Mazepin’s Saturday production. F2 race. He was punished, but it is part of the learning process. Such things happen. We need to learn from this, we need to learn that such mistakes do not fit into it. He fought hard and wanted everything, but at least now he has a super license, which is an important merit. “

In Mazepin’s case, it is undoubtedly important that he obtains a super-license, as Haas’s management theoretically took a serious risk in concluding a competitor’s contract with him in the absence of the F1 legal commissioner. Steiner also mentioned this, the manager said that the team is not worried that the risk will be excessive. “We were sure he would do it because he had the experience to do it. Of course, it could have happened that he had an accident and, say, some races, he couldn’t start, which would have made our job harder. Nevertheless, we decided take on this small risk and in the end, thank God, it turned out to be good for us, “said the manager, whose co-pilot will be Mick Schumacher in 2021, who was unable to secure the F2 championship on Saturday.

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