Monday , March 8 2021

Nepsova Instead of going to prison, the former prime minister asks for asylum in Budapest

The National Framework has been updated, but outside it, and both students and teachers have too much of MTA studies.

The NAT for too rapid implementation would have a counterproductive effect, therefore, the introduction of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for at least one year. According to a study published on the MTA website, NAT is a modern, child-focused preparatory process for the challenges of the 21st century, but it requires ideal learning conditions that have not been provided in the education of society, writes

Although the portal claims that the MTA study does not basically reflect the negative image of NAT, the academy studies a number of key issues in the framework program. According to experts, the project does not show a comprehensive picture of people, since it is not entirely clear what exactly is the framework program to be covered?

It should also be clarified what type of school NAT covers on an average level, helping a larger number of students to enter higher education.

According to the MTA experts, there is a positive trend that the number of study rooms has decreased compared with previous experience in teaching literature. However, the academy points out that it is not possible to achieve this by combining the fields of "science and geography" and "technology". However, there is also a summary of the academic academy: There are many contradictions in the design of science and mathematics, of which lessons are important. The problem that the Academy needs to solve is this

  • The lower grades are not fully utilized from the point of view of scientific education.
  • the recommended number of hours is very high, "34 hours is a limiting factor for life both for high school pupils and for those who are struggling with pupils"
  • One lacks the learning of the world from nature, history and culture.

Academic experts have indicated that appropriate NAT can only be achieved by improving teacher training. They proposed that there should be a national curriculum for teacher and continuing education, as current teacher training does not reflect the content or methodology content described in the NAT project.

Not quite patriotic

For other reasons, the government does not support the use of NAT in its current form: Gergely Gulyás, the Chancellor of the Registry, pointed to the king's displeasure at the end of August, according to experts, that their work seems too liberal, not patriotic, job-oriented and family-oriented. Of course, this does not seem to be a natural argument for Orbán's cabinet, who regards education as a political instrument for society, but not as a professional argument.

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