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NB! Entry: MTK won five games, Honvéd Pakson lost points – video

MTK Budapest played the first game in the first half against the Puskás Academy, although after the attacks, the real ziccer did not appear. In the middle of the halftime, guests were threatened twice, but Mick shot Kickaka while Arabul went up the long corner.

However, the team came home: Kanta easily cured Lille, the goalkeeper attacked on the left and then quietly covered the net (1-0)

MTK – Puskás Academy 1-0

László László, who used to be Felcútu, won the goalkeeper of the Puskás academy, Danilovich, and shot the goal from the corner. MTK – Puskás Akadémia 1-0Level broadcast:

Posted: M4Sport – Saturday, November 10, 2018

However, after a while, when the ball was pressed, Puskás seems to be working, but Arrauli was able to shoot 15 meters left (1-1) after irrelevant bombs.

MTK – Puskas Academy 1-1

Tamás Kiss made a nice post-rocket Arabulih who turned left below. ½Time: MTK – Puskás Academy 1Level broadcast:

Posted: M4Sport – Saturday, November 10, 2018

Not long ago, when the home team arrived: Good found the top bar, but the ball came out – an impressive hit.

In a row Knezevic had to be replaced by a dangerous shot Kikaak, and Baki was almost holding the ball in front of the goal. Balogh draws near the corner corner in the top left corner.

There was no mistake at home in 65 minutes: Bognar was drawn to the center but Danilovics had kept his close hand from Baki, but the defender made his second attempt (2-1).

MTK – Puskas Academy 2-1

MTK was able to lead a housewife with an easy game. The winner of the evening was Ákos Baki. MTK – Puskas Academy 2-1Level broadcast:

Posted: M4Sport – Saturday, November 10, 2018

My teams had fewer opportunities, but the third hit could not be achieved, but Puskás won: Knezevičs had been forced by Arabulai, then ran good runs (2-2).

However, he did not like the blue whites, and at the end of a good attack, Kulčar was replaced by Torghelle, who was also replaced by an impressive move from 11 meters (3-2).

Almost for the third time the crowd was leveled: the Arabic dangerous crossing occurred before the goal, so the work did not change, MTK gained a very valuable 3 points.

MTK Budapest – Puskas Academy 3-2

The most successful players: Lens 26., Baki 65, Torghelle 81 or. Arabuli 38, Knezevic 77

The teams did not miss the Pops-Honvéda race. After 21 minutes, N & # 39; Gog was given a quick chance to eliminate the Rocz attack. Han Hahn was worried with a small goal, but he attacked his right hand.

In the middle of the middle, Thames threatened three times in three minutes. Haraszti's 18-meter heavy blow was scored by Count, then Hann's tenth attempt was a goalkeeper for a small goal, and Remilia's long-range ball defeated defenders. Honvéd were holding a savage but did not scott hit the goal. At 89, Holenders scored a free-kick 22 yards out to the right, leaving 0-0 free.

Paksi FC – Honvade 0-0

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