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"MOL Vidi" is a fantastic success with a "strong" experience


MOL Vidi FC has won the European League for Group L in Grk, PAOK Thessaloniki, and will continue to do so. The Marco Nikolic coach told me that this would be a "little thing," but instead of replacing, we can win the prize. According to the Hungarian team, the grg lvova would be an issue. The huge bravado can be downloaded from the Europa League team. Mixed Declarations of Knowledge.

The BBC again returned to the environment, and this week Hungarian champion Toumba stadium beat the songwriter PAOK in Thessaloniki.

Groupama Arna has this kind of experience with red and white team celebrations and nzket. Grg fans created a great feeling, Albert Flrin showed a lot of grg matrix buses, not just junk and jump to Budapest. BBG fanatics have completely demolished the vendgsector, and before they started, they were enthusiastic, and they stuck in play like there.

Fanatical Grg and Groupama Arna vendgsFors: Csuddai Sndor – Origo

Groupama Arn's local networks have been slower, but fans of the Vidi soon show that they also have a voice.

Vidi Kovcsik – Fiola, Kremlin, Winnie, Stopira – Nego, Hadzic, Ptka-Milanov, Huszti-Scsepovics started their career, Marko Nikolic did not change the Salonicco team.

MOL Vidi FC starting lineup against PAOK El-mrzzsenFor: Mr Mrt

GRK likes Hungarian champion, which is why team hzi glyklya, Serbs Aleksandar Prijovic and one of the team most liked players, svus vlogat Pontus Wernbloom and Brazilian Leo Jaba, missed PAOK 10, Dimitrios Pelkasza grimmed.

The game was not a good result, but Vidi played very well, but the Hungarian champion knew precisely that if he did not die, he would be able to do a great job with this group. So the bigger might be bigger than longer.

In the first tile, Vidi was organized as a player in this game or against Chelsea, but the demo-lorry stopped only in Thessaloniki. PAOK did not know what to do with the Hungarian champion, this is a feature of the fact that the first flush did not have a gate to the listener grg, but not to Vidinek, but the more thieves were those who were on the market, Trik Ali Palabiyik acr he could be punished when Paulo Vincius Shooter on a grid of sixteen grg.

Cork goalkeeper had to do moreFors: Csudai Sndor – Origo

In the second round, Vidi started a quick break, resulting in a 50th minute. Georgy Milovov's career was also interesting, then Vincius made a great break, and Brazil's second site went to the PAOK door.

Bob Nikolov came to the place and soon he had to stop the shine.

On the Vidi jtkosainak rme MIlanov glja utnFors: Csudai Sndor – Origo

At the end of the game, GRG came up with crowd voices, as Vidi became more and more convincing with the Hungarian fans. At that time, Chelsea led the team at BATE home, which meant that Vidi, PAOK and BATE were the next group.

A series of free kick by Hodzic resulted in a free kick that Paszcalakisz suspended for 23 minutes into the match after a right-side attack on the right.

He was a little jubilant at the long moments, but he told a lot about the evening game that PAOK was not the gate, and the unlucky champion grenade champion could not start with the environment, which is a huge blunder.

The next day, "grg" fans watched quietly, as the pillin guilty of the Vidi was injured and the Hungarian champion croaked before the next European league group ll. He laughed right "Spit, fuck!"

Marko NikolicFot: Polyk Attila – Origo

The Mkrts made it the Vidi for the Marko Nikolic gratullt for the Serbian Gymnasium because they have achieved better results and have not survived in the past. I think I do not miss Hungarian football in Europe, "he noted.

"The lottery told me that we want to be profitable, not here," he said.

Marko Nikolic makes PAOK hard to play this game so that the opponent almost does not take a real position, so Vidi has succeeded.

Grungy Romn's training, Razvan Lucescu said: they all participated in the team tournament because they could play football, and millions of opponents "simply pulled a ball out of the ball and won the ball."

At the same time, he admitted that in this game Vidi vdelmt could never have been achieved, and the Hungarians had "shaded" their jokes. According to football, this is not fair, since Vvv is likely to win six out of six.

However, there is not much work to do in this case, and Vidine does not have to go through PAOK six times in a row, but in view of this game, Vidi has been noticed. This PAOK played for the Champions League, fought against Benfica and took the championship championship when he had no eight horns. This success is a fantastic achievement of Viditl.

The Hungarian team had a lot of fun with the team's smiles and the grins were busy, they did not want to talk about it, and BBG reporters did not make mistakes, but they were surprised to see a lot of people "more expensive" PAOK.

"We did not want to win the most beautiful game, but we had to reach the exact game against the AEK against PAOK and the first in the game PAOK," said Kovcsik dm. – Marko Nicholas in the fleet said it was "a tiny game", but we should do it ourselves, flying tonight, not the crowd, but the chrome points were defeated, that is, it was devoted to the instrument. "

MOL Vidi has signed an agreement with PAOKFors: Csudai Sndor – Origo

According to Kovcic, the match was started at PAOK, but after some time Vidin was able to get a ball and cheese to form his own. "But the first thing I did was to find out that we were looking for a chance to win this game."

"My first flush was a lot of chips, but I got it once and it was a little too bad. But I have hundreds of thousands, I do not think so," he said. loudly he was so drunk, because the whole team was dead, everyone had a tactic there, and there were those who could even get a little extra. One of them was Paulo Vincius, one of the teams that did not follow the tactics, but he brought something extruded with some hacks.

It was not a tactic that PAOK goes to sixteen. I also think that if we jump here then we could come back. But fortunately, he does not refuse, but decades, so we can say that tactical disciplines can not be forgiven. "

The fact that Vidi is the second and the first lost team, Kovcsik said that all team members would have been at the start of the group stage. This is not a burden but it is also possible to make a mistake because the Hungarian team could not reach any of the other groups, and see the big show at the UEFA Cup 33. ve. There are huge opportunities in our hands that our hands have to descend. But the most important thing is that cheese is in our hands. "

According to Kovcic, games against BATE will not be the same kind of drunk, nervousness that caused losses in the team's first group, so I do not allow the white champion to feel well against the contract.

Shell Roland, Kovcsik dm and Paulo Vincius before the startFors: Csudai Sndor – Origo

I'm playing, I'm happy that we could play such a game at home. Many of them helped a lot, "said Paulo Vincius, who was laughing at what Kovcsik called dm about the loyalty of tactical disciplines to kzphtvd glpasst, who basically had nothing to look for when he was ahead of Vidi Glia.

"We hunted a lot of practice, we knew that it would be advisable to run a trick. When the bomb came to me, I said that I had just retired, I had gone and ran, the bomb came, the beads also managed, and gl was pretty great. The key to the discipline and the suffering was we were very organized, but the suffering would not be successful. The game against BATE will be very important after the first game. We have a lot to continue, we also want to get a point at Borisov, "said vd.

Vinci helps me in the wallFors: Csudai Sndor – Origo

"At the end of the first game, we all checked that, yes, I'm in this series," said Midfielder Captain Ruhand Roland.
– Of course, in London we were against a very strong team, but we can say that this is the right and best thing about the grgk fight. "

She had a tiny and tactical discipline as the key to success, but she did not cover it and she had a hinge: "We played football a little bit on the first flush, but after a break, we managed to win. One of the team's beliefs is that it was agreed in the press that we have to fight more, because then we can become profitable, and in the end we will be able to get into the second round with a slicing situation. It is a fact that we not only plyn but litter. Down with a hat before the team. "

The captain of the team tries to stay on board, and when he arrives to see if he is going to go to the next, he replied that it should therefore be used on the spot and should be played on lpsrl lps, the game pass. "But now we are in a hurry. We have tried to do this so that we do not have an episodic role in Eurpage, but we can not agree with it."

MOL Vidi has signed an agreement with PAOK over the Szekesfehrvri boxFors: Csudai Sndor – Origo

According to the former vlogat vd, who is responsible for the first group race against the BATE series, including the limestone, is a complete clan, the environment is able to handle the holes in places and everyone is known for the importance of hunting. that he was able to learn very quickly from a certain bound of BATE. "After that, we went to London and we could be a member of the whole squad, just as we could say that something is changing. Our hair went to the point line and in the fight against PAOK it would be a pity for a bunch of luck, because we did it every day and then. Today we have the best odds, 1-0 success. "

"It was a fantastic winner and we were able to show what the whole country had to say. It was a great evening, but not only for us, but for everyone who knocked on the stadium.

In the first game against BATE they got even a very good training. Fortunately, we did not have to pay so much money that we could not go to the next place, returning to our home, so much so that our destiny would be in our hands. Against BATE we can press the last round of points at the point. HV did not take us, so we made this game smart and professional. The opponents in the first game did not take us seriously and they could not afford to win when we got the kick, this PAOK today was able to do what we could give them, and this is a huge revelation.we have rational possibilities, we can now completely calm our mood against BATE, but, like we do with rating, we will also use the opportunity to add. When we were able to reach the results, it will still happen, "said Istvan Kovcs, who was able to get PAOK in the second round.

Loic Nego worked a lotFors: Csudai Sndor – Origo

"We knew that PAOK was here to win if we did not succeed and we knew we needed to improve than we did in Thessaloniki," said Vidi, French slice Loic Nego was all in a hurry, and Origo did not know if this game It was similar to the previous one: "I do not think that it was essentially the same game, but if GRK had changed in this post, whose team wanted a better match."

"Everything was better than our opponent, shame shame. They did not have a position, they did not know what to do with us," he said, indicating that Kovcitch did not even try to do anything because he lost his life with a loud voice, but he did it did not lead: "We want to send, that's our plan!"

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