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Martha's Day, Habits and Beliefs


The birds climbed up with their gaps and straightened their wings, creating tremendous noise to reveal their hideout.

November 11th St. Martin's Day Like every holiday, it also has its own traditions, folk skills and traits. To this day, many superstitions, traditions of folk traditions are commonplace. However, Martha's Day is the last day before the 40th Anniversary of Advent Sunday, when it is allowed to have a good taste and a rich appetite and comfort.

According to the legend, Sv. The city of Martinique in the Roman Empire in the province of Pannonia in Savaria (today's Szombathely) saw a daylight of 316 or 317 (the exact date is a question). Marton, a Roman emperor's warrior in Amiens, gave a half of her warm dresses to a whip on a cold winter evening in France. This night, Jesus dreamed of uba. From this moment in pound life there was a turning point: he served God. His life describes the legends of his goodness, and he wanted to dedicate the humble missionary to the bishop.

According to the saying, when it was known, the false Martyn, sent by those whom he had sent, lies in the dummies of the fools. But the birds, with their gaps and putting their wings, caused tremendous noise, so they handed over the heritage hiding place. Finally, Marton was ordained a bishop in 371, and until his death, he helped the needy in Tours until 398.

November 11th calendar since ancient times, the beginning of the winter of that year, when I had a great meal: they put a table on the table; they ate and drank glasses to make good in the coming year.

The Romans celebrated Aesculius, a practitioner, and they were slaughtered, which was the holy war bird, Mars. The royal birds once rescued Rome from night observers.

The Roman serpent, Aviss Martis (the godfather of Mars), with the old sophistication, became the father of Martin's King as a Christian calendar.

Martin's Day as a Forecast Day

According to experience, St. Marty's time was predominantly time consuming and the first one fell. Traditional folklore claims that when St. Mārtiņš comes with a white horse, that is, during Mārtiņš's day, then it will be a mild winter if it's a horse on a brown horse, which means it does not come from snow, then we can expect a hard, wintering.

Mordan came on a gray horse, said when the weather was gentle, gray and dark, and in that case they were winter too. According to the calendar, on Martha's day, if the goose is ice, it will sprinkle with water on Christmas day.

An extra weather forecast says that if Marton is hilarious then winter will be difficult. The prediction of the Marton's day is related to the tradition that the crusty goose's body was carefully pulled out of the breast and tested by the jaundice: when the fox's flesh was white and long, it was a long, snowy, and cold winter. If the breasts were brown and short, it was just a little black Christmas, locs-tip, mud time.

What is the name of St Martin's Wagon?

On that day, the shepherds went to the comet for the comedy farmers whose bartenders went to pasture and herds. This trunk was Sv. Mint rod strain. The Marton's stomach was versatile, delaying the number of branches, pig piglets. In the spring they pulled the animals with this comma.

Marton's Day Celebrations

The first written report on the March Day Goose Festival dates back to 1171 AD. Martine's Day was the end of the year when the yearly economic work was closed and the winter rest period began. Subsequently, the servants received their annual salary and added the geese, as the birds had to swallow in the summer before winter.

Marton organized a day-long celebration of the day to eat and drink throughout the year. They thought that they were drinking more, the more power and health they eat. In that case, the foam goose could be cut.

According to my opinion, Sv. At Mārtiņš's day it feeds the zirvbulent, because anyone who does not eating a gourse a day is going to die all year round. Usually goats had to go to the priest, from the back of the animal. From here comes our bishop's wall.

Marton is a wine judge – he believes that wine must definitely be enjoyed on this day.

The wine had to be converted into wine, then the fruits of the whole year had come, and wine makers cheered it up. Marton is also known as the new wine patron in major wine regions.

Martin days in other countries

German-speaking areas (Some parts of the Netherlands, Germany and Austria) are organizing outbreaks and exacerbating the Marton fires. The luminion parade was introduced only at the beginning of the 19th century by a church decree, a light that symbolizes good works for everyone.

Nowadays children are mostly involved, and during dusk they walk through the street lobbies with their lamps, singing old Marton's songs. The tourist end is usually a rider dressed like St. Martin

They are usually created with the show, which most often presents the story of Marton, who shares with his cloak. As they close, they ignite Martha's fire and give the children a kind of delicacy. One of the most typical of Martin's daily gifts is Weckmann, a human figure made from sweet love.

Portugal this day is celebrated throughout the country. Families and friends gather together and eat roasted chestnuts and drink wine, jeropigan (a mixture of must and gravel) and aguapé (a weak, watered wine).

The fact is that after Martyn had given half of his skin to the skin, he continued the path and handed the other half to the weak person. In the cold, he was waiting for a long journey, but for miracles miracles, the sun began to bake so much that the island had fallen. Since it was weird in November, it was a divine intervention.

Since then it has been mentioned as St. Mārtiņa vasara, when the sun is damaged in the cold during this day.

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