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Italian spices have become an exciting MX-5 club nightmare – Abarth 124 Spider Test

Abarth 124 Spider is also considered to be one of the best in the automotive industry because it combines Italian design with Japanese technology and production, has a powerful and modern turbo engine, has good voice, rear rides, spermfits, and its top can open. So everything is together, who can turn the car's heart, look at the price list, because then the magic will disappear.

Under the plates is the Mazda MX-5, except the engine. Click on the picture to open the gallery!Photo: Csudai Sándor – Origo

Abarth 124 Spider is actually the two-year-old version of the Fiat 124 spider, which was tested by our Italian brother, the Mazda MX-5. A little confused? Then I'll explain it better.

Abarth is a rarity factor that is lost in millions of MazdaPhoto: Csudai Sándor – Origo

A few years ago, Fiat and Mazda agreed to use the fourth generation (ND) MX-5 technology to produce a master mounted on the production line at the Mazda Hiroshima plant with MX-5. Both companies have acquired a deal Mazda got something from development costs and was able to work with a factory with better capacity utilization, Fiat got a sports car with much less money than a single model.

The cooling mask cover was closed with a red capPhoto: Csudai Sándor – Origo

There are two big differences between 124 and MX-5: one is the external design (Fiat recalls the original Spider 124 from 1966 to 1974), the other is the engine: Manila spinning motors, Fiat (and Abarth) turbochargers 1.4, which create essentially different characters. The suction motor likes to spin better and reacts more vigorously to the gas, but the turbo power is stronger, so it pulls better in the average speed range.

How Is Abarth Better For Fiat?

Of course, 170 horsepower Abarth is different from 140 horsepower. Fiat 124 spider, not only for performance and air (matte black motor housing and luggage compartment cover). If you look better, you can see that you have more aggressive buffers, and under the discs you will find tower rods, self-closing differentials, Bilstein shock absorbers, Brembo front brakes and Record Monza fantasy sports outfits.

The roof needs to be moved manually, which is not only good because it is fast, but also because it makes the car easier.Photo: Csudai Sándor – Origo

From Fiat, Mazda and Abarth it is the most significant, athletic, which is visible at the price. but I will write about it at the end of the article. It is true that in 2018, the MX-5 also got an improvement of up to 184 horsepower, resulting in a speed of both engines being as fast as 6.8 seconds.

9 out of 10 don't know what the car sees, even if they look at the scorpion logoPhoto: Csudai Sándor – Origo

We needed torque

However, even the new MX-5 can't compete with 124, the flexibility: while the Japanese roadster squeezes 205 Nm from its own, the Italian turbo 250 Nm. Maybe the app. The difference of 20% does not seem to be too high, because for a 1060 kg car it is already very noticeable, especially if a higher torque occurs at a much smaller speed (2500 instead of 4000).

Tower ramps increase the rigidity of the body, and the 1.4 turbocharged engine can be easily adjustedPhoto: Csudai Sándor – Origo

So 124 can be controlled with smaller shifts, moreover turbo engine also helps with woodwork because it is already strong enough in the middle speed range to prevent the rear wheels from effortlessly.

The seat is deep enough, the windshield is turned stronglyPhoto: Csudai Sándor – Origo

Of course, the turbo engine also has some drawbacks, for example, it is not worth the twist as the slogan starts, turbo is huge: At 2,500 rpm, while the turbo is not charged, it is so weak that slowly sliding in the curve slowly, even the nonsense that we can fall.

The control panel and on-board menu system are the same as in ManilaPhoto: Csudai Sándor – Origo

However, the gas reactions are bright compared to the turbocharger, especially if you press the missing MX button next to the shift lever. Then the car behaves as if it were pushed into a freshly prepared double ristretto, but in the way the spoon stops. A constant source of joy when the accelerator pedal is turned to gas to stabilize the trolley rack. Fortunately, the brake pedal and inadequately stopped gas are positioned so that amateurs are not as difficult as I am.

She's lost

What is worthy of the spinning engine is its voice. Not so much mechanical noise or turbo whistling, but rather a deep wrinkle from the low resistance exhaust. Already in standby 1.4 is exciting as if it were bigger than it really is.

On the front, the Brebmo brakes slows Abart, quite effectively. The wheel is just 17 inchesPhoto: Csudai Sándor – Origo

But politically incomplete racing, the racing car at the same time means that we don't take too little a traveler too seriously, even if sometimes The machine cannon-like explosions leave four ends of the pipe. With an open roof, the experience will be complete, but the shed will not lose much of it because it just isolates the sound. For this reason, traveling on motorways is very tiring, but this car is not intended. Up to 15 liters can be used, but on the road you can drive 6-7 liters, which is a two-dimensional feature of petrol turbines.

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