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Index – Culture – It's America, and she is her queen

Cinema Premiere, Double Album, Gift Box – These were some stages in the process when a very famous musician created a very extravagant film project. At least those physical stations, almost all of which have been damaged by 2019, will have a Spotify stream from the double album, gift box browser, operator and big stink. It does not necessarily mean that everything was better in the past: obviously vague people do not consider cinema, criticism, but the surface of a pop culture table where it is almost impossible. And when tens of millions also followed the evil alien invasion, Sandra Bullocka's accidental misfortune seemed.

After creating many monopolies, Netflix has been shopping for the biggest star concerts: Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake and Bruce Springsteen have appeared in recent years, although the last one was a Broadway show for one person, not a stadium concert. But none of them was like Homecoming, why the company said it was rocking $ 60 million.

It is certainly not one of them, such as Guava Island. Donald Glovers, in the name of the musician Children's Gambino, in 2018 brought this Is Is America number and clip to his early rape and later dildo, which became one of the most important cultural moments of the year. The film was violent, but it was mysterious, stunning, and at the same time angry, full of cruel killings, eye-catching choreography, several clocks with clear information and markers that referred to a very specific case or very general. Or no one. We wrote a longer article about the influence and background of this American, but its tentacles reached until 2019, that is, until April 12th, when Coachella appeared in Childish Gambino and shortly after the 55-minute release of Amazon Prime. , Glover, Rihanna and Letitia Wright, known from Black Panther. The address is Guava Island. Director is Hiro Murai, director of this Is America and Glover series Atlanta.

The island of Guava is on the island of the imaginary name (filmed in real life in Cuba) and is completely fictional, with fictional characters, a story and a rather difficult situation. Guava is a small island in the middle of the sea, where siliconism flourishes, but so much that practically the whole community is engaged in slave labor at the factory. Their only entertainment is Demi Radio (Donald Glover). Demi just organizes a festival to entertain the whole island, but the apparel company does not look good because the workers will leave the next day. Demi decides to hold the festival together with her girlfriend, pregnant Kofi (Rihanna), but her life is in danger.

The island of Guava is like Is America is repacked on an exotic island, then stretched tenfold, but everything that was mysterious, obscure or at least interesting would be severely eradicated. Guava Island is a great surprise to the oppressive capitalism, in which the pure artist wants to do something for the community only, but he does not leave the evil big company, it is really terribly cozy and beautiful, but with a semi-professional character or professionals who do not even use their skills properly. Glover is almost at the beginning, performing several childish Gambino songs (Summertime Magic, Feels Like Summer and, of course, America), but Rihanna doesn't get a background vocal as her girlfriend. Choosing a Cuban site is also questionable, something strange about multimillion superstars who play camping for poor people in a country where Amazon is unable to watch their movie because the service is not available. And where people have been swimming for decades, trying to avoid the socialism that has been realized.

Glover's strenuous Caribbean accents really do not help with this, nor does this character from this Is America, bearded, bearded, shirtless, flywheel dance figure figure in almost all musical deposits, and which was frightening or worrying there, sometimes it's just wasted and it will be funny. The inclusion of Rihanna is really not justifiable by favorite and vacation. And some 55 minutes is a strange long for such a film that is too far-reaching for its action, and the feeling that it is full of unnecessary scenes. However, his ending is so sudden that he was cut off from a full-length movie. This strange feeling applies to the whole of Guyana as if it had been confusing during many exteriors, especially Glover's self-esteem.

Very different self-esteem is Beyoncé's concert movie. Prior to the release of Guyana Island, the singer became the first black woman almost a year ago to become the biggest music festival in the United States and the main performer for two months (two, two weekends). Dozens of dancers, singers, drummers, windsurfers, surprise guests, huge booths, costumes, star guests, terrible dances, singing and yes, encryption, but with all the power and agility that the concert was cut halfway from the record by DJ Khaled, who said: that it is not Coachelle, but Beychella. And live streaming may have been unique (more exactly twice) and unique with the Homecoming movie forever. Beyoncé wrote a few months ago with Homecoming.

The concert film and documentary are at the same time focused on the first: both Coachella performances are interrupted and we can see older recordings of how Beyonce was created during breaks at strategic points.

When I decided to go to Coachella, I didn't take my flower crown from the drawer, but I felt it was important to take my culture there

– says the singer in such a documentary, and succeeds, and understands youth and civic activities in cultural culture, and blends traditional black school rituals (drums, stands) with those filmed on recordings such as Nina Simone, Malcolm X or Maya Angelou. He calls on the other three Destiny's Child members, his sister, Solange Knowlest and her husband Jay Z, whose misunderstanding has been documented in detail. Homecoming is a great artistic performance that blends broad, general statements with the greatest personal testimony.

It is difficult not to get into Beyoncé's laser precision, the harsh efficiency of the magic, even if the song remains cold. His perseverance, ambition and desire to do so are enviable. And as openly speaking about himself, from where he had to fight to make this film: when his twins were born, he was almost 100 pounds. The twins were born with a cesarean section, but as soon as he got up he tried. He had to stop, so he released carbohydrates, dairy products, meat and sugar. "I'm so hungry," he says when you get an apple. One of the tests is fainting. These scenes are about halfway through Homecoming, so we've been watching the hour of the hard choreographer Beyonce when we face – or at least the scenes he has allowed – what he has done to make these movements. He has spoken about them before, so there is no surprise for one sentence, but they are even stronger in the context of the film.

Beyonce has planned and tested every detail of the show with her staff, the singer claims that the details of the dancer dress have no detailed colors that do not match the idea. It is only a pity that there would be less energy in the recordings themselves. I do not think of the show, but how it was recorded: movements, songs, vocals, dancers, highlighted events are unforgettable, they are unforgettable as if we were watching a simple concert broadcast without a black and white concept. domestic footage recorded in cellulite. This will make Homecoming a slightly weaker concert movie than a movie. But I can't imagine another pop star that could do it after Beyonce.

Homooming on Netflix, Guava Island is available on Amazon Prime Video.

(Cover image: Beyoncé a Homecoming. Photo: Courtesy of Parkwood Entertainment / Netflix)

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