Tuesday , February 7 2023

In Hungary, prices have risen for a long time


In October 2018 consumer prices were on average 3.8% higher than in the previous year. During the past year, the prices of motor fuel and tobacco products have increased significantly.

More than 12 months compared to October 2017:

  • Food prices rose by 4.6 percent, including seasonal foods (potatoes, fresh vegetables, fruits) – 20.5, flour – 7.6, bread – by 5.5 percent, sugar – by 20.2 percent lower. Prices of alcoholic beverages and tobacco increased by 5.1% on average, incl. tobacco products – by 7.3%. Household energy increased by 1.3 percent, including bottled gas 12.7, firewood – by 9.5 percent. Motor vehicle fuel had to pay 16.2 percent more.

1 month compared to September 2018:

  • Consumer prices increased by an average of 0.5 percent. Food prices rose by 0.5 percent, including flour 2, seasonal food 1.9, bread and cheese 1.8-1.8, eggs increased by 0.7 percent, but the sugar was 1.1, pigmeat was 0 , 8 percent cheaper. As a result of seasonal change, clothing items were 2.2 percent more. Prices for alcoholic beverages and tobacco increased by 1.1%, mainly due to excise duties on tobacco products. Household energy grew by 0.3 percent, including bottled gas 3, firewood – by 1.4 percent. Motor vehicle fuel had to pay 1.1% more.

January-October 2018, compared to the corresponding period of the previous year:

  • Consumer prices averaged 2.8 percent on average.

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