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Thirteenth MasterCard Bank has maintained the sustainability of the program and the banking sector's disadvantage.

MasterCard Bank is a competition for the traditional banking industry organized by Hungary in 2018 for the 13th time. It is a surprise that the banking industry and its clients have taken note of the excellent results of local surveys, their products and their products. In addition, the contest seeks to help authenticate the banking industry and banking products, as well as build trust in Mastercard Orgar.

OTP Bank became MasterCard's 2018 competition.

V bank was acknowledged by Jelasity Radovan, CEO of Erste Bank, with whom the bank chef producer, leader, recognizes outstanding results as the category manager is managed by the bank.

Commercial banks of the service provider's residents (illustrations) could be launched during the event.For: PhotoAlto / Eric Audras / Altopress / Eric Audras

Djtadn has long been able to create inconspicuous banking solutions and keep up-to-date mkd pnzintcts.

In the competition 10 banks could enter commercial banks operating in Hungary. Everyone in the library is in the public's premises, and this call is a good idea, and innovative solutions recognize fcl.

All 71 were selected from 12 projects based on a predefined benchmark of 68 experts.

In the next category, the most recent bank was issued: V Bank, V Most Valuable Bank, Government Citizens' Office, resident resident company, local government loan mechanism, citizen mobile online banking facility, defendant bank, V akadly free bank innovation. The most experts in the banking sector, which were in the shopping center, were also bankers themselves.

Idn became OTP BankAbout MTI / Rka Lszl

V bank last year recognized OTP Bank. During FDJ's rating, the employee took into account ratings in the second category and the most prestigious cm not only business results, but also the best domestic banking sector.

OTP Bank received the first award diploma The most innovative bank v category. In the simple app, the Bank has paid a fixed rate of just over 570,000. In addition, each banker can save up to $ 1.1 billion using the pnzint digitled subdivision. SmartBank Mobile Banking application was developed using biometric identifier, joint transaction management and training template.

CIB Bank has once again proven to be the best. with Elmoz Replica Klink, which is uniquely available on the domestic market, and existing customers can access the mobile application in thirty minutes.

Magent Bank was ranked for the first time in its reputable bank category. The Bank offers its clients special rights to their clients, who are able to provide the best possible financial means.

Mastercard has announced the akadly free banking innovation category. The winning OTP Bank has also been digitized, and its bankers are constantly in a disadvantaged position. They can also safely use blinds, they can use banknotes and they can help them with the video, and they are equipped with a stunning system.

then you will not recognize this year's bank competitionFor: Mastercard

V always maintains your bank-class level. Professional jury members are the best K & H plyzatt. The bank issued 20 banknotes with a solar system that was discontinued last year with 12 walnuts and reduced their carbon dioxide emissions by 23 walnuts.

This year's full rating:

Bank Bank
1. OTP Bank
2. GRNIT Bank
3. ERSTE Bank

Popular package for residents
1. CIB Bank
2. OTP Bank
3. UniCredit Bank

V resident rescued product
1. MagNet Bank
2. UniCredit Bank with OTP Bank
3. Grnit Bank

Online Credit Line
1. CIB Bank
2. OTP Bank
3. K & H Bank

The most innovative bank v
1. OTP Bank
2. GRNIT Bank
3. CIB Bank

Resident mobile and online banking tools
1. GRNIT Bank
2. OTP Bank
3. MagNet Bank and CIB Bank

The Bank is considered to be liable
1. MagNet Bank
2. Budapest Bank
3. K & H Bank Bank

V bank
Jelasity Radovan (Erste Bank)

Winners of this category can use the emblem and titles of Mastercard v v. Bank 2018.

Randomize in 2018:

V maintains its bank: K & H Bank

Vakadly without bank innovation: OTP Bank

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