Thursday , February 25 2021

Hungarian workers consider their employment opportunities to be more promising

This year, 59% of the respondents said their commitment to work, which is 1 percentage point lower than last year, has been negative in Hungary for three years.

More than 62,000 employees from 87 companies took part in the Hungarian poll of this year. Based on the responses, the company has established a list of the best employers on the 18th of this year, mainly for trading and IT companies, and most of the winners are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with fewer than 250 employees.

Atlas Copco Hungary Ltd. is also the winner of this year. – Industrial Technique, Cisco Systems Hungary Ltd., Carglass Hungary – SIA CG Hungary, Nutricia Early Life & Advance Medical Nutrition, Starschema Kft. WHC

Among the 250 and 1000 employees, the prize was awarded to B.Braun Avitum Hungary Zrt and EuroFamily.

Of the companies employing more than a thousand employees, the best employer award was awarded to SAP Hungary Kft, Decathlon Hungary and Szerencsejáték Zrt.

Aon Best Jobs has been recognized for over 20 years worldwide and in the region. The two Hungarian branches received the best employers' award from companies participating in an international study: Mars Magyarország Értékesítő Bt. Un Kft.

The statement said that the Hungarian Chief Executive Officer, Aaron Virág Éva Uzsák, said that managing change in organization is a huge difference between the best and medium-sized enterprises. Companies can succeed in the future by reacting sensitively to the changing needs of external customers, quickly discovering the success of new ideas and giving them the opportunity to try new things, even if they lead to errors.


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