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Hungarian stars, many of whom do not know they have a twin sister


We know of some twin couples whose two members are stars, but there are also siblings, only one of whom has become known. Babets Köllő, for example, has only known about his twin sister for a few years, and he doesn’t really show Roland to his fans, just as Gergely Váczi rarely mentions that his sister was born just minutes before. King Victor’s brother is Ben, 10 minutes older, who lives abroad, but many have heard of him. Meet the Hungarian stars, who rarely talk about their twins!

Cologne Babeta

Actress Babeta Köllő became really well-known on the reality show Wife’s Luxury, she later appeared on several TV shows, most recently on TV2 as a member of the Star Jury. A few years ago, he discovered that he had a twin brother, which he would rarely show to his fans, in fact, he also discovered that when he was tested in 2018, his relationship with Roland deteriorated.

Sources: Köllő Babett / Facebook

“Then, in addition to acting, television came into my life. Suddenly, more attention grew around me, starting with the luxury of Wives, which disrupted domestic television. That’s when I received a two-way email from Role in which she noted that I was very far away from myself and became self-affirming. He gave the example that I bought Masni, my Pomeranian dwarf cat, because he is a very expensive dog. “The luxurious wife considered the criticism unfair, so they were both outraged. “I didn’t feel like changed. We also talked to each other months after his message, but there was some distance between us,” he said recently.

Since then, they have been fine again, last year he greeted me on the community pages: “My dear twin brother is celebrating our birthday today! This day is always special to us! We are good twins! I love you!”

Sources: Köllő Babett / Facebook

Gergely Váczi

Many people don’t even know that the head of TV2 has a twin sister: Emese was born five minutes earlier than Gergely. The TV often jokes that she was already polite at the time when she gave birth to nurse.

Source: Gergely Váczi / TV2

“Probably we were 16-17 years old when our mother was wondering if we or Emese were born sooner. The sister panicked that then she didn’t have a brother, but now a brother. My mother had to look for our birth certificate, it turned out from documents that he is still older, “he told TV2 earlier. Their relationship is very close, because as children they could barely stand each other for weeks and often meet to this day.

King Victor

The singer’s twin brother Ben was born only 10 minutes earlier, but Victor King says it shows in their lives: his brother was previously married and had previously become a father.

“It works by nature that first a living, stronger twin is born. Many times the youngest doesn’t even survive. Of course, it’s not intentional, it’s instinct. It was the same with us.

Mom laughed that when I was born, there were all the blue and black spots on my skin because Ben wanted to come out so violent that it hit me. But I’m really saying this just because it’s no coincidence who comes first. And that ten – minute difference also seems to matter in life, “he said.

“Of course, twins understand and feel each other better, but there is no such thing as telepathy. We end each other’s sentences, we love the same things. On the one hand, our tastes are different for women. We are completely similar in everything else. But telepathy is not it works in our lives, even though we have already had the opportunity to do it, “he added.

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