Tuesday , February 7 2023

Europe thus welcomed the results of the American elections


Key key Western stock markets were closed on Wednesday, convincing investors that the results expected in the US mid-term congressional elections were born, says MTI.

The FTSE-100 index in London was 1.07 percent, the DAX index in Frankfurt amounted to 0.87 percent, and the Paris CAC-40 index was 1.24 percent. Milan is 1.42 percent and Madrid's 1.93 percent gain.

Among the European indices, Stoxx Europe 600 rose by 1.00 percent to 366.40 points. The FTSE Eurofirst 300 index rose 1.01 percent, while EuroStoxx50 rose 1.23 percent in the euro area.

The winners of the day were banks, as well as retail and construction companies. Of the companies that had more than expected expectations, Delivery Hero's German internet grocery orders increased by 4.32 percent, while Adidas's German sportswear maker closed the 3.55 percent, although it did not improve the annual revenue forecast.

The Spanish bank's price was raised by the fact that the supreme court quashed its previous decision saying that neither the bank nor the debtor were liable for the mortgage notary. The decision was about 1.5 million mortgage bonds, and the Spanish banks made an initial decision about $ 5 billion.

In New York, the European Dow Jones Industrial Average was 1.09 percent, the S & P 500 index was 1.29 percent, and the composite index of the Nasdaq market was 1.80 percent plus.

From the point of view of global trade, both major crude mixtures, the North Sea Brent and the West Texas Intermediate (WTI), which is the western hemisphere, are decreasing. January futures in the Brent barrel were 0.06 percent minus, $ 72.09 and December WTI 0.51 percent loss, $ 61.89.

Oil prices have risen sharply after the US government's Energy Information Office (EIA)'s weekly report lowers oil prices. The growth of 5.78 million barrels is almost two and a half times higher than analysts' estimated 2.43 million barrels.

In the New York commodity market, the gold price per ounce in December rose by 0.41 percent to 1228.80 dollars.

For the euro, $ 1.1464 in the international interbank market, the total European currency strengthened by 0.32 percent.


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