Monday , March 1 2021

Buying an American lawyer card Mai Mingshi's plan for the future: It's best to bury Hong Kong's exam

Mai Mingshi, Wang Junxin, Luo Tianyu, etc. participated in the propaganda activities of the drama "Yes, judge judge" based on self-education in the United States to obtain a lawyer card, Mai Mingshi, last night just dropping an aircraft without foreclosing the future as a lawyer, girl The future of the performing arts sector may face a reduction in work opportunities at a certain age.

Ask her how much time she is entertaining? Mai Mingshi firmly said that there is no plan to emphasize that he is still a full-time artist and hopes to continue filming. However, parents want her to be an attorney and I hope she will be stable and secure in the future. She believes that there are no shortages in many qualifications. Are parents encouraged to become lawyers? She smiled and said that her parents soon rushed to marry, she thought she was planning to marry her. It is very hard to study lawyers, but knowledge is on his own. In the long run, it is best to check the lawyer card in Hong Kong.

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