Monday , September 27 2021

Xiaomi Launches Wireless AirDots – Named After … | Reporter in Cyprus

Xiaomi's first trip to the real wireless headset industry may be the one that seems to be AirPods for some odd reason. The company yesterday announced that the event in New York will be celebrated with prominent celebrities and promises to present their latest and greatest products.

Just the best time, Xiaomi is about to release the so-called AirDots. This may only be the change of Apple AirPods name and white charge, but at least for China it costs $ 30 a pair and is one of the first in the market equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. The latest wireless standard promises to reduce connectivity, improve synchronization and battery life.

Xiaomi also created AirDots without buttons, providing an external touch panel for controlling volume, answering calls or turning off calls between them by tapping twice. There is also a virtual assistant to answer your questions, but only if the points are connected to the Xiaomi smartphone. The mapped task is automatic as soon as it is removed from the loading / unloading box, as long as you have completed the initial matching process. Finally, the "special 7.2 mm" magnetic coil camera should take care of an improved audio experience.

There is no doubt that with this price, which we do not know who will be in Europe, the company will be able to sell a lot. First, AirDots will cost four hours instead of Apple AirPods, which lasts six hours. If you hear only one, the promised battery life is up to five hours. These can be recharged three times with the built-in battery, which increases the "listening time to 12 hours" during trips.

Secondly, there is no silencing promise, and Xiaomi does not show water certification for the first wireless headset. When it comes to usage and quality, we need to meet a couple to trust you. It is known that Xiaomi offers good value for money, and we hope it will be transformed into AirDots with Bluetooth 5.0.


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