Saturday , June 10 2023

With four doors in the new Audi TT (pics) | Presentations: Car


About four years ago, the Audi TT Sportback was presented at the Paris exhibition with four doors and two real rear seats. According to the British Auto Express report, this idea will be put into practice when the fourth-generation Audi TT will be released with a four-door body. It will end with TT, as we have known so far, and this year's successful career this year is over 20 years.

The next Audi TT is expected on the market in 2020, and changes from two-door to four-door have been approved by the German four-brand management. The fourth-generation model will have significantly higher exterior dimensions than the current model offering more space. This will increase the base of the wheels by 12 points, while the body length will be 29 centimeters, while the width will be 6 points higher.

The sporty German model will be based on the current, customizable MQB floor and will be released in light hybrid versions of petrol and diesel engines, as well as a hybrid and clean electric plug. The new Audi TT will be a category below the A5 Sportback with its main competitors, Mercedes CLA and BMW 2 Gran Coupe.

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