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Wild bees: Asimina succumbs to Babi ‘s charm – what we’ll see next week ZOE


Diafani is approaching Christmas in 1965, and Manos Voskaris returns as the spirit of the past to haunt Eleni in the next episodes of the Wild Bees series.

Eleni convinces Droso to return to Diafani, where she will face feelings for Serfios. Meanwhile, Asimina is seduced by Babis, and Doukas throws his only daughter out of the house in next week’s “Wild Bee” episodes.

Eleni tries to persuade Droso to return to Diafani

Eleni tries to persuade Droso to return to the village together, but Droso stubbornly refuses. Takis advises them to secretly go to Monday’s episode (07-12) in the movie “Wild Bees”. Who will Droso follow?

Nikiforos is jealous of Babi, who surrounds Asimina and put pressure on him. When she realizes that Eleni will find Drosso, she will look for a way out of the freedom Babis offers her.

Eleni with Drosso on the Tramp
Eleni with Drosso on the Tramp

Grammatikos is committed to demanding Penelope from his family. How will the Duke treat him in Monday’s episode (07-12) in “Wild Bees”? At the same time, Prousalis learns that he will finally not get the long-awaited promotion and will be surprised in front of a famous person who takes over the head of the department.

Nikiforos comes into conflict with the cooperative, while Konstantis in the next series of “Wild Bees” feels the pressure of Domna, who has pressured him forever.

The Duke throws Penelope out of the house

The cooperative’s refusal to accept Nikiforos’ new business proposal will spark intense conflict in Tuesday’s episode (08-12) of “Wild Bees.”

Prousalis is released and tied so that Voskaris leaves the position of commander, but this dangerous man came to stay! Lambross, on the other hand, is determined to face him personally in Tuesday’s episode (08-12) of “Wild Bees.”

Penelope opposes the Duke
Penelope opposes the Duke

Penelope insists on her decision to marry Grammatikos and the duke throws her out of the house. Penelope will find an unexpected ally in the “Wild Bees” in this difficult situation. At the same time, Miltiadis decides to stop receiving the treatment, but Anete prepares a plan that can improve her condition.

Droso is between Takis and Eleni, who are all trying to take them in a new life. Will Droso follow both of them or will Trump continue in the mud on Tuesday’s episode (08-12) in “Wild Bees”?

Drosso bids farewell to Trump in “Wild Bees”

Drosso says goodbye to Trump and they go back with Elena. Will Takis allow her to escape in Wednesday’s episode (09-12) in “Wild Bees”?

My Voskaris returns to Diafani
My Voskaris returns to Diafani

Voskari’s arrival in the village as a new commander disrupts the school’s Christmas party. Everyone is aware of who he is, and the village is divided into a Wednesday episode (09-12) of “Wild Bees.” Lambross is determined to persecute him, but he understands that it will not be so easy.


Wild bees: Myrsini comes face to face with Eleni – which we’ll see on Thursday

Wild bee spoiler: a young pair of Diafani – it disrupts everything

Grammatikos and Penelope decide to stay together in their new home Diafani. It angers Douk, but Constant and Nikiforos decide to help the sister.

Anete brings doctor Argiriu to examine Miltiadis, introducing her to her friend in Wednesday’s episode (09-12) in the movie “Wild Bees”. Babis gets bolder in trying to beat Asimina despite her refusal to move on. Will their secret be revealed?

Christmas at Diafani in the movie “Wild Bees”

Christmas Eve and transparency are moving at a festive pace. But not for everyone …

Eleni is facing Boscaris
Eleni is facing Boscaris

“Eleni accidentally succeeds after Voskari and the nightmare returns to Thursday’s episode (10-12) of wild bees.” Asimina and Drosso will have their first meeting, while little Serhios will be among them.

Penelope tries to get used to her new everyday life, but Myrsini and Meletis don’t let her forget her. Uranium is trying to find out the truth about Babi and Asimina. Will Babisam manage to hide his feelings towards his friend in Thursday’s series (10-12) “Wild Bees”?

Doukas accepts Boscari’s visit, but also a tempting proposal related to Eleni. Will the Duke, in Thursday’s episode (10-12) in “Wild Bees”, agree with an ally with a man he expelled years ago? Or will he make a mistake in denying it, because Boscaris knows a deadly secret about the duke?

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